Caramel Cashew Clusters


Jen over at The Three Little Piglets is hosting 12 Days of Cookies!  How fun does that sound?  She shared her Holly Wreaths here last week, and today I get to share with you my Caramel Cashew Clusters!

I was contacted by Oh! Nuts a couple weeks ago to see if I was interested in trying some of their nuts for my holiday baking.  I made these great cookies with Macadamia Nuts, and then wanted to do something a little different with the Cashews.  This is my version of a childhood favorite we used to get every Christmas.  It is super easy to make too!

Please go check it out, and tell Jen that I said Hi!!  She also has a great giveaway going on, you won’t want to miss!


  1. They turned out beautifully Erin! I’m so glad you could “drop by” today – I really appreciate it!

  2. You’re killing me with all these delicious treats Erin! I am going to go check out the recipe now! Beautiful photo too.

  3. Your candy does look delicious-popping over to Jen’s site now!

  4. These are right up my alley. I love caramel. These are a perfect holiday treat!

  5. These look so delicious!

  6. Yummy nut clusters are always a hit for me!

  7. These totally remind me of a cookie we sold at Williams-Sonoma when I worked there. I’m sure yours are even more delicious! x

  8. Those remind me of turtles! Yummy!

  9. Did you know Jen and I live in the same town and our husbands work at the same place? LOL. We discovered this a few weeks ago. It’s so funny to see you mention her. What a small food blogger world! Anyway, I LOVE caramel cashew clusters. Yum!!!

    PS I realized after you posted a comment on my site that you weren’t popping up in my google reader anymore…I thought I updated the feed to your new website but apparently not. Hopefully it works from now on.

    • It really is a small world!!

    • Hm, I’m still not getting your new posts on my google reader, it’s so strange. Has anyone else mentioned this to you recently? I will have to do a manual check I suppose!

      • Yes, someone did, so I thought I updated my RSS feed. She said she was seeing it then. I will talk to her again to see if she is still seeing it or what is going on.

        I am new to this programming and figuring out problems thing – blogger just did it for me, that was the nice thing!

  10. These look scrumptious! Headed over now to grab the recipe. I’m definitely making these this weekend! Thanks so much.

  11. I really love these, Erin! They would be very dangerous around me!

  12. Erin, my husband would go insane for these. Ok, so he’s insane just being married to me but you get my drift. He is a cashew freak and would eat these before anyone else got any of them. I have been on a heavy nut kick here at home so this would be wonderful in MY eyes too…if he left me any.

  13. I was already there…..GREAT recipe and post!

  14. Can’t wait to try it out

  15. What a wonderful post!! Loved the pictures…I am drooling on these clusters!

  16. Those are just lovely. Now I am very tempted to add them to my list of goodies to give away!

  17. I truly wish I hadn’t observed this when i want just one right now!

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