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Brownie Batter Pancakes

Brownie Batter Pancakes | Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

Brownie Batter Pancakes | Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

We had my 9 year olds birthday party with his friends yesterday.  Nothing like letting 8 third grade boys loose in an ice cream shop.  They had such a great time.  They were able to make homemade ice cream, sample a few different kinds, decorate t-shirts, and have a special ice cream cake.  At least the party ended at 5:00, so the sugar high had time to wear off before bed time.  Eating an actual dinner, now that I can not make any promises on.  If you live near a Ben & Jerry’s, I definitely suggest you check it out.  Something different and fun for the kids to do. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them running crazy around your house!

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Brownie Batter Cookie Dough Pancakes

Brownie Batter Cookie Dough Pancakes_labeled

I am guest posting today over at Life on Food.  It is Emily’s birthday week, and she is featuring a full week of “cakes”!  As you can see I didn’t make your traditional birthday cake.  But I think you will forgive me.  I mean look at it.

Brownie Batter flavored pancakes (that part is actually healthy for you), then I mixed in egg free cookie dough.  The cookie dough gets ooey gooey when the pancakes cook.  It is amazing!  So trust me when I say, you HAVE to go check these out, and get the recipe from Emily.  Wish her a Happy Birthday while you are there.