Puppy Chow (Amped Up)

Puppy Chow, Muddy Buddies…whatever you call it, it is a classic Holiday treat.  It is easy to make and the flavors are a classic.  Just melt , mix, shake, and dump. You could easily have the kids work on this one for you, or at least help. And there is a decent chance you have all of the ingredients in the house already.

You know I can’t get enough peanut butter and chocolate, so it should come as no surprise to you that I have adapted this classic to have MORE!  I always loved the pieces that got stuck together because they had so much peanut butter and chocolate between them.  Well, now I make my own, and figured all the pieces should be like that :)

There are all sorts of different recipes out there for different version of this; candy cane, or lemon, or white chocolate etc. But I like a classic.  If you have peanut allergies in your house Sun Butter would work great in this.  Or maybe some Biscoff spread if you want to go crazy.

Go check out my version, and get the recipe at Culinary.Net

Mexican Snack Mix

Every year around Thanksgiving we make Party Mix.  It makes a pot that literally lasts until Christmas.  Sometimes though, you can’t really wait until Thanksgiving for party mix.  And sometimes, you want your party mix to have some kick.  Enter Mexican Snack Mix.

This makes a reasonable amount of snack mix (about 5 cups).  Is super adaptable to whatever you have or want to throw in.  It also has lots of yummy flavors, and a tiny bit of a kick.  You could easily give it a big kick, if that is your thing too.  See, super adaptable.  I made this last Friday, and I am embarrassed by how quickly it disappeared.  You have to be prepared, it is super addicting.  I had to just stay away, because once I started, there was no stopping.  But with only 2 tablespoons of butter in the entire recipes, it really isn’t that bad for you.  Whole grain cereal, nuts, fat free pretzels….I could think of worse things to snack on :)

I found this recipe in the Tortillas to the Rescue. It is full of recipes that only use tortillas.  I always have a couple sitting in my fridge, so I was excited to see all the other ideas of things to use them in.  Be it dessert, appetizers, breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are recipes for everything.

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