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White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies


It is time for the #ChocolateParty!  Do you know what the #ChocolateParty is?  The first Monday of each month we post a recipe that uses chocolate, and a themed ingredient we are given.  For November Roxana challenged us with cranberries.  Last month it was pumpkin.  If you are interested in joining, just let Roxana know!

I am not a huge fan of cranberries, so I wasn’t sure what to do for this month.  But then I remembered dried cranberries, those I do like.  I was in the mood for chocolate chip cookies, so I figured this was the time to play with cranberries to see what I could come up with.  These cookies are based on the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I have been making for ever.  I swapped out the regular chocolate chips for white chocolate.  I added in the cranberries, and decided to change up the extract to almond extract.  I love almond extract, but have never used it in cookies like this before.

These were a huge hit.  I brought them to my sons school, and the teachers loved them.  They were soft, chewy, and the almond extract worked really well with the white chocolate and cranberries.  They definitely were a fun twist on the regular chocolate chip cookie.  Don’t miss all the other great recipes the group made below.  Next month we will be back with chocolate and mint for the holidays!

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scones 2_

I made scones!!  Finally!  This has been on my list forever.  If you have made scones on your site, I have more than likely commented that I have never made them, but wanted to.  Well, thankfully for you, I will stop with my comments!  After I made my Meyer Lemon Curd, I was trying to think of things to eat it with.  Scones seemed like the perfect pairing to me.  I went to my Cooks Illustrated cookbook, and sure enough they had a few different recipes.  I went with the basic one, and used dried cranberries instead of currants.  The whole family enjoyed the scones.  My husband isn’t much of a sweets for breakfast kind of guy (except for donuts), but he liked them.  He did put in a request for a savory scone if I make them again.  My 6 year old said they were great, although he wasn’t a fan of the curd with it.  I am excited by how easy these were.  I see different versions being tried in our house again!

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Cranberry Applesauce Muffins


We closed on our house in Iowa this week!  We are no longer homeowners.  It is nice to officially have that done with and move on with life in Colorado.  We are working on plans for the house we are going to build, and we found a lot we want.  I am excited to see the plans come together.  Can’t wait to have my double ovens, and a giant cook top!  In the meantime though I will make yummy treats in my little kitchen here.

I told you back when I made this Cranberry Bread that cranberries were new to me, but I thought I liked them.  After making these muffins, I am back on the fence.  I think the recipe is a good one, I think it is the tartness of the cranberries that might be too much for me.  My 6 year old told me to make a sign for this post that said DO NOT MAKE!  I think that is a little much.  I think if I had sprinkled some sugar on the cranberries, and let them sit, that would have sweetened them up quite a bit.   I will keep trying cranberries, I really do want to like them!

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New Look and Cranberry Bread

Fresh cranberries and orange are the perfect combination for a sweet and and tender bread.

Fresh cranberries and orange are the perfect combination for a sweet and and tender bread.

Fresh cranberries and orange are the perfect combination for a sweet and and tender bread.

Look up.  Notice anything different?  I have my own domain!!  As an early Christmas present, my husband bought me!  I have been hard at work trying to learn how things work and transfer everything from blogger to here.  Somethings are giving me trouble (comments transferring), so it is still a work in progress.  If you subscribed via email before, I think you will have to do that again to still receive notifications.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  We had a great time just the 3 of us over the long weekend.  On Saturday we drove up into the mountains, and practiced our snowshoeing.  It was a little windy, but it was fun.  My 6 year old didn’t want to take them off, he was having so much fun!  He also wants to learn how to ski, so I think we will have a busy winter.

My 6 year old came home from school last week with a “secret” recipe for The Best Cranberry Bread.  He was adamant that we make it for Thanksgiving.  I am honestly not sure that I have ever even tried a cranberry, so I was up for trying something new.   Wednesday morning we went to the store first thing to get what we needed, and baked this bread.  I LOVED it, but my son was on the fence.  Tomorrow we are making muffins with the rest of our cranberries, so stay tuned for that.


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