Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Dip

Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Dip – Bubbling hot gooey, cheesy enchilada dip.  Turn your favorite green chile chicken enchiladas into a dip perfect for game day.

Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Dip - Bubbling hot gooey, cheesy enchilada dip.  Turn your favorite green chile chicken enchiladas into a dip perfect for game day.


I spent the day yesterday home with a sick little boy.  He seemed to have a short 12 hour stomach bug.  He has not had a real stomach bug since he was 2 years old.  He was up almost every 30 minutes most of the night.  At 7:30 in the morning he got up for the day, and said he felt better.  He was wondering if I was going to let him go to school.  He never had a fever, so he was thinking maybe I would let him go.  Needless to say, that did not happen.  He was fine most of the day, just got pretty tired from not getting much sleep the night before.  I am glad that he is back to school today, and so is he.  It was already a short week, and it just got even shorter!

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Enchilada Pasta Skillet

Enchilada Pasta Skillet is a homemade version of Hamburger Helper with a Mexican twist!  Dinner is ready in 20 minutes, so it is perfect for any night of the week.

Enchilada Pasta Skillet - a quick and easy dinner

What a weekend!  I will have to fill you in on my trip to Ohio with Certified Angus Beef later in the week.  I learned so much, I got to cook with real chefs, and had such a great time.  I also got to hang out with some wonderful bloggers for a couple days.  Getting to meet the people you see online all the time is always a good time.  It is a strange job to have where you sit in your house all day, and talk to people on the internet.  So nice to actually put faces to names and see we are actually real people!

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Enchilada Pasta Casserole #SundaySupper

A few weeks ago Hurricane Sandy devastated the East coast.  Millions were left without power, countless homes were destroyed and close to 200 people lost their lives.  They are estimating at least $20 billion in damage.  I live in Colorado, so I was fortunate enough not to be directly affect.  But so many people were, and so much help is needed to rebuild. Today the #SundaySupper team is getting together to make “Dishes for Friends in Need”.  Liz from That Skinny Chick Can Bake is hosting this wonderful event.

I am originally from the Mid West, and when you need to bring a dish to a friend, you bring  a casserole.  So that is what I made.  This is an updated version of the casseroles we had as kids.  Spicy, cheesey, full of carbs, and super comforting.  It makes a ton too, and the leftovers are just as good.

If you are looking for ways to help, money is always good.  Organizations can buy so much more than you or I can.  Consider looking into these organizations who are doing great work on the hurricane relief.

Sandy NJ Relief Fund ~
Hope Force ~

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Chicken Enchilada Chili

Happy New Year!  It is 2012 and I am another year older.  I was very happy that the 1st fell on a Sunday this year.  Usually my birthday is spent with the guys in my life glued to the TV watching college bowl game, after college bowl game.  Instead, this year we got to go up into the mountains and enjoy a nice hike.  It was a beautiful day up there!

After more than a week of eating cookies, and candy, and way too much food I am ready to cut back!  I am looking forward to healthy meals and vegetables.  This chili is a perfect low calorie dinner.  It is hearty, and comforting, but still light and delicious.  I found a version of this years ago in a Betty Crocker flier, but have adapted it to make it healthier.  It comes together in minutes, which means you can have chili on Wednesday!

Come join SoupaPalooza at TidyMom and Dine and Dish sponsored by KitchenAid, Red Star Yeast and Le Creuset

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