Mongolian Beef

I am big fan of Cooking Light.  They always have recipes that my whole family will enjoy, and they are good for you.  The November issue came and it was the best recipes of the last 25 years.  So there was plenty of recipes I missed, but some that I remember seeing and wanting to try the first time around.  So now I have a magazine full of post its for me to make my way through.

This was one of the firsts I tried.  You all know I am a fan of stir fry, and Asian style dinners.  We have a freezer full of beef, so this was an easy decision to try right away.  I served mine over rice instead of the suggested rice noodles.  It same together in less than 20 minutes, so it worked out great for a night we had football practice.

I have not ever had Mongolian Beef before, but now I look forward to trying it next time we order Chinese.  There was lots of flavor in the sauce, the meat was tender, and it was something everyone liked.  Even my 7 year old who doesn’t really like steak ate this.  My husband appreciated having the leftovers for lunch the next couple days as well.

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Tabbouleh Salad

Today for Breast Cancer Week we are back on the healthy kick.  Tabbouleh is full of veggies, whole grains, and healthy fat.  Tabbouleh is made from Bulgar, or cracked wheat.  It is a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine.  It is low in fat and high in fiber.  Fiber is a big player in the fight against cancer.  Research shows that a diet high in fiber can reduce your risk of cancer.  That’s because the more fiber you eat, the less time harmful toxins spend inside your body. The other big part of Tabbouleh is the parsley.  New studies are showing that parsley can help fight cancer, by slowing the development of tumors.

I am the only person in my house who likes Tabbouleh.  So I made this for lunch one day, and enjoyed it for a few days.  It is chalk full of cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, mint, lemon juice and olive oil.  It is so fresh, full of texture, and great flavor.  This works well for a light lunch, a side dish with dinner, a salad for a potluck, or just about anything.

I enjoyed this with a few pita slices and some hummus.  A perfect Mediterranean, veggie lunch.  You can play with the amount of parsley and mint you add.  The traditional Labenese version actually uses more parsley than bulgar, but I am not a fan of that.   And since you are making it at home, you can make it anyway you want!

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Asian Turkey Meatballs

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Thanks goodness it is Friday!  This was a really long week!  My son got his first cold at school, so that means we haven’t slept well the last couple of nights.  Hopefully a nice relaxing weekend will be what he needs to get better.  The leaves are starting to change up in the mountains, so we might take a trip up there to see all the gorgeous colors.

And maybe I will make more meatballs.  They are pure comfort food to me, and I love them!  I had this recipe printed for over a year.  Really not sure why it took me so long to make them.  I made them when my parents were here, and everyone loved them.  My Dad, ever the skeptic, didn’t really like the idea of soy sauce for dipping.  But once he was forced to try it, he was sold.  He went back for more.  Even my 84 year old grandpa ate his fair share!

These come together very quickly, so they are great for a weeknight meal.  Or you could easily serve them as appetizers for the weekend football get togethers.  My 7 year old dipped his in ketchup, so they will even work for the little ones in the crowd.

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Sweet & Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and was able to enjoy a day off yesterday.  We had a relaxing weekend at home, probably our first one since we have moved.  We did a little around the house, but that was it.  We did manage to go shopping and buy more stuff for our house though, can’t seem to go a day without that happening :)

The one bad thing about having a holiday on a Monday, means the week is shorter and busier.  Stir fry’s are a great quick dinner to help get your week off right.  In about 20 minutes you can have dinner on the table, and a happy family.  The best thing about a stir fry is you can use whatever you have on hand, and whatever you like.  The original recipe called for red bell peppers, I don’t like them, I left them out.

Cooking Light is one of my go to recipe sources, and this is another recipe that does not disappoint.  It has a little heat, a little sweetness, and is a quick and easy dinner.  I have some peas growing in my garden, so I know I will be making this again soon with fresh snap peas.  To add more depth of flavor add in two teaspoons of sesame oil to your rice before serving.  Makes it just a little extra special.

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