Chocolate Oat Bites

Chocolate Oat Bites | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Have you met Erin from Texanerin Baking?  She is amazing at making desserts a little better for you.  Erin has quickly becoming one of my close blogging friends, even though she lives 1/2 way around the world.  Currently Erin is in Germany, but is originally from Texas (hoping to move back in the next couple years).

Chocolate Oat Bites | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

I am sharing these little Chocolate Oat Bites over at Texanerin Baking today.  They are quick to make (no baking involved), a sweet treat, and they are good for you!  See, I fit right in over there :)    Please go check them out, and give Erin a little love me!


Chocolate Oat Bites | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts


Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Seems like forever since the last #chocolateparty, but it has only been a month!  Maybe because I made my December edition early in November, I was just so excited for mint and chocolate together!  This month has proven harder for me though.  This month the theme is coconut.  See, I don’t like coconut.  There in lies the problem.  But I got creative, and these granola bars are awesome!

I may not like coconut, but I do like using coconut oil.  Not sure if it is a texture thing or what, but I just can’t do shredded coconut.  I have made granola bars using coconut oil in the past, but they needed to be done again.  And healthier, and better.

If you do like coconut, adding shredded coconut to these would be a great edition.  Or chopped nuts, if that’s how you role.  I decided I needed to get rid of the mini marshmallow bites that were in my pantry, so I added those.  Not very many though, only 1/4 of a cup, so I am still going to consider these good for you.  My son has already had 2 of them today, he loves them!

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Spicy Popcorn

Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks.  In fact we have a movie theater popcorn machine in our basement.  It doesn’t get used all that often, but we still have it.  So it is kind of surprising that I only have one other popcorn recipe on this blog.  I am partial to just plain butter popcorn, but my husband likes to switch it up.  I think his favorite is cheese flavored, but he also likes just about anything with some heat.

I actually made this popcorn awhile ago.  We needed snacks for a road trip, and I thought popcorn would be fun and different.  I made this in probably 5 minutes, at most.  The spice mixture makes way more than you need.  Store in a plastic container, and you can have this popcorn any night of the week.  Just shake on a bag of microwave popcorn and you are done.

I think flavored popcorn would be fun to have out for a party.  It isn’t expected, which is always great.  Especially if you had fun containers to serve it in :)  I got these at the Target dollar spot, so they aren’t pricey.  You can adjust the heat level, by adding more or less of the seasoning to your popcorn.  Or just set out a shaker with the seasoning, and let your guests make their own bag.

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Garlic Rosemary Scented Almonds

Did you brave the crowds for any returns or shopping yesterday?  I went to Hallmark at 9:00 right when they opened, and it was a mad house.  I walked through quickly, grabbed a few ornaments, and headed straight for the checkout.  I didn’t second guess anything, just in and out.  I was back in my car by 9:10.  The rest of the day was spent at home, minus the girls night out for Mexican and Margaritas :) After Christmas shoppers are crazy!

I love having spiced nuts around the house to snack on.  I often send in a container for my husband to have at his desk at work.  They make for a quick healthy snack.  I made these almonds as part of the gifts I gave my son’s teachers.  They turned out way better than I had hoped for, so I will be making another batch after the New Year when my husband goes back to work.  I am pretty sure these will be frequently around here.

These nuts came together very quickly.  In less than 15 minutes they were done.  I had a few of them warm, and they were delicious.  These are a great savory snack to have out with drinks, or an appetizer for your New Years party.  Put them out right away warm, and then people can enjoy them all through the night.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars

I have never actually had a Larabar.  Is that bad?  I have seen lots of recipes recently for them, so I decided it was time to try them.  They are full of good for you ingredients, so they are a great change from the regular granola bars. They also make a great, quick on the go breakfast.

It should come as no surprise that for my first step into these bars, I went with a peanut butter and chocolate combo.  It has never steered me wrong before, so why question it this time.  The possibilities are endless though; chocolate, oatmeal chocolate chip, raisins, cranberries, other nuts etc.  Have fun testing out new combinations.  There is no baking involved, so they come together very quickly!

These were great to have on hand for a quick snack.  My 7 year old enjoyed them, and I felt good giving him a snack that was healthy, and not full of preservatives and chemicals.  I did not run the nutrition information, so I do not know how it compares to the store bought variety.

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Spicy Honey Roasted Almonds

Almonds are a great snack.  They are full of protein, and healthy fats.  But sometimes snacking on just plain nuts can be boring.  And buying those pre-made mixes of mixed nuts or spiced nuts are so expensive.  They are so easy to do at home, and I am sure they are much better for you.

Jean made these awhile ago, and I have had them in the back of my mind since.  I have been playing with different nuts, and slightly different combinations of my Indian Spiced Nuts lately, but wanted to try something new.  My husband likes it spicy, so I thought it was the perfect time to try these.  They are great mix of sweet and spicy.

These really are super easy to throw together.  There is about 5 minutes of hands on work, then bake them for 10, let them cool and you are done.  I only managed to have a small handful of these before the disappeared to my husbands work.  He likes to take them, so he has healthy snacks at his desk throughout the day.  These would be great to have on hand for snacks, or to put on on your holiday appetizer table.

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Spicy Chili-Lime Yogurt Dip & Giveaway

Did you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month?  I honestly had no idea.  I am embarrassed to say that, but I just didn’t know.  I have been very fortunate to not have diabetes touch my life, or anyone close to me.  I recently met someone who has it, but he manages it very quietly, so you would never know.  My friend Carolyn, from All Day I Dream About Food is my closest real connection to diabetes.  She is constantly in the kitchen doing amazing things, making over the most decadent dish to make it diabetic friendly.

Today many of us are getting together to help spread the word about Diabetes.  Did you know that 25.8 million people (adults and children) in the United States have diabetes. In 2010, 1.9 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people 20 years of age and under.  It is a wide spread disease that can affect anyone.

Today Carolyn challenged us to share a recipe that was gluten free, lower in carbs, and didn’t use any type of sugar.  I came up with this Greek yogurt dip.  It is a little spicy, and you can never go wrong with chili and lime together.  Serve with veggies, or your favorite gluten free crackers for a super healthy snack.  You can easily serve this at any party, and no one will ever know that you are serving something healthy!


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Chocolate Mint Cliff Bars

I am relatively new to the world of power/protein bars.  I tried a couple a few years ago, and they tasted like cardboard, so I gave up.  But more recently, I decided to give them a try again.  I have been searching for something healthy, and filling I could eat for breakfast.  I found the Cool Mint Clif Bars, and was really impressed.

I think the same week I tried the Clif Bars, Michelle from Brown Eyed Baker posted a no-bake recipe for Clif Bar from scratch.  I knew I had to try them immediately, but with mint extract and some cocoa powder.  These are super easy to throw together.  There is no baking required, so in a matter of minutes you can be snacking on these.  Probably best to wait longer so they completely harden, but you get the idea.

These are not exactly like the store bought ones, but they sure are good.  They are healthy, full of whole grains, and a relatively good for you snack.  I haven’t run the nutritional information, so I don’t know how they compare the original.  I do know that you can feel good about eating all of the ingredients in here, so they can’t be too bad for you.

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Mexican Snack Mix

Every year around Thanksgiving we make Party Mix.  It makes a pot that literally lasts until Christmas.  Sometimes though, you can’t really wait until Thanksgiving for party mix.  And sometimes, you want your party mix to have some kick.  Enter Mexican Snack Mix.

This makes a reasonable amount of snack mix (about 5 cups).  Is super adaptable to whatever you have or want to throw in.  It also has lots of yummy flavors, and a tiny bit of a kick.  You could easily give it a big kick, if that is your thing too.  See, super adaptable.  I made this last Friday, and I am embarrassed by how quickly it disappeared.  You have to be prepared, it is super addicting.  I had to just stay away, because once I started, there was no stopping.  But with only 2 tablespoons of butter in the entire recipes, it really isn’t that bad for you.  Whole grain cereal, nuts, fat free pretzels….I could think of worse things to snack on :)

I found this recipe in the Tortillas to the Rescue. It is full of recipes that only use tortillas.  I always have a couple sitting in my fridge, so I was excited to see all the other ideas of things to use them in.  Be it dessert, appetizers, breakfast, lunch or dinner, there are recipes for everything.

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