Strawberry Hot Chocolate

As I am sure you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I think that most people out there have been touched by this disease in one way or another.   I recently had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer, and I became even more aware of it.  According to BreastCancer.Org 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life.  About 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.  To me, the moral of the story is it can affect just about any one!  And the best way to find it – self exams.  Please, take the 1 minute a month and do this test on yourself!

So Cassie, from Bake Your Day and I are teaming up this week.  We rallied the tro0ps and are bringing you a full week of pink recipes, or recipes that are helpful in fighting cancer.  Each day at the bottom of our posts you will see links to the other blogs who are helping us raise awareness.  Check out what they make, we have some seriously talented people involved! And the end of the week we will even have a fun giveaway.

Today I went with pink.  I made a strawberry hot chocolate.  You could go the quick route and use Nesquik strawberry powder, but I used actual fresh strawberries.  So maybe it is a little on the healthier side too 🙂  The fresh strawberries give it a not too sweet, and real strawberry flavor.  Great way to warm up on these cooler days.

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Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

It is finally October!!  I have been waiting for this for a few weeks now.  As soon as the temperatures started to cool, I was in the mood for pumpkin.  But I didn’t want to share it with you until October hit.  In my head September is reserved for apples.  So not only am I giving you pumpkin today, but it is also #ChocolateParty time!

This is a fun group to be a part of.  The first Monday of the month we share a chocolate recipe that incorporates a themed ingredient, this month pumpkin, last month apples.  Want to join?  Check out all the info here!

So to kick off the pumpkin season I made hot chocolate.  I will admit I was a little skeptical about this recipe.  I love chocolate and pumpkin together, but in a drink I wasn’t sure how it would be.  Well….it was amazing!  I seriously could not get enough of it!  The pumpkin is definitely present, but it is in the background.  The cinnamon with the chocolate is just so soothing, and perfect for a hot drink.

I made this when my 7 year old (the other pumpkin fan in the family), was at school.  I did save him a glass for when he got home.  I didn’t tell him what it was, just hot chocolate.  He took one sip, got a big smile on his face, and said “Pumpkin Hot Chocolate!”  He loved it, and drank all of it.  Which for him is impressive, I usually make him just a small glass, and he doesn’t finish it.  So this is a must make this fall!

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Hot Chocolate Cookies

Hot Chocolate Cookies – Enjoy a cozy winter favorite in more than just a glass!!  

Hot Chocolate Cookies - Enjoy a cozy winter favorite in more than just a glass!!

I am in a new group this month for Secret Recipe Club!  It is exciting to have a new group of blogs to get to know.  Today I was assigned Crumbs and Chaos.  This blog is written by 4 sisters.  Between them they have 11 children, and 1 more on the way.  There are so many great recipes, I really did have a hard time picking what to make.  I thought about Thin Mint Popcorn, Butterfinger Oreo Ice Cream Dessert, and Wonton Tacos.

Hot Chocolate Cookies - Enjoy a cozy winter favorite in more than just a glass!!

In the end I had to go with these cookies.  I have seen a few version of a Hot Chocolate Cookies, and have wanted to try them.  Now that the mornings are a little cooler, it seemed like the right time.  But what do you need with hot chocolate?  Marshmallows!  I have been wanting to use those new little marshmallow bits, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Hot Chocolate Cookies - Enjoy a cozy winter favorite in more than just a glass!!

This is your basic chocolate chip cookie, with hot chocolate mixed in, and then for good measure some marshmallows.  They are soft, extra chocolatey, and delicious.  Definitely calls for a tall glass of milk.  I gave one to my son when they were still warm, and he said “This is one of the reasons I love you, you are the best cookie baker”.  So you know they must be good! Warm up this winter with hot chocolate cookies with that glass of hot chocolate!

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