Cookie Dough Mini Donuts & Giveaway

Many of you probably know of Jessica from The Novice Chef.  To say she is talented seems like an understatement.  And her new book Mini Donuts: 100 Bite-Sized Donut Recipes just shows you how right I am.  Not only did she come up with all the recipes, but she photographed them too!  Every picture is perfect, and droolworthy, and that is no small task.

I had a really hard time picking which recipe to make.  I thought maybe having my 7 year old look through the book would help narrow it down, but he wasn’t any better!  Between all the chocolate varieties, the various candy versions, fruity ones, and everything in between I was getting hungry!  Finally I went with “The Cookie Monster”, because let’s face it; is cookie dough ever wrong?

This was my first time making donuts, and it will definitely not be my last.  They were so tender, soft, and just plain cute.  Everything is cute in mini form, right?  I am used to cake donuts and are tough and dry, which is why I had previously ruled them out.  But these were anything but, and I can’t wait to make them again!
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Chocolate Chip Mini Donuts

Before we get started I wanted to tell you about an bake sale going on over at The Spiffy Cookie today.  I am making my Malt Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!  Trust me, you want to check it out.

Ok, now onto these “Donuts”.  I am jealous of every one of you out there with a donut pan.  You know who you are, posting about Cookie Dough Donuts, Chocolate Cake Donuts, Key Lime Donuts…it just never ends!  I can’t justify just buying a donut pan, and even if I could, the store I was at the other day didn’t have them.

So, what is a girl to do?  Turn to my mini muffin pan, and make mini “donuts”!  Yeah, I know they look nothing like donuts.  They couldn’t even pass for donut holes, but I don’t care.   If I didn’t over fill the pan, they might be able to pass for donut holes cousin?  No?  Who cares, they taste the same!  Just go with me here!  For all of you without a donut pan, there is hope!

The final straw was when I saw this recipe by Lindsay.  I just couldn’t stay quiet any longer.  Her’s are real donuts, with a gorgeous glaze.  I wasn’t sure how mine were going to work, so I just used chocolate frosting.  Next time….glaze!!

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