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Candy Bar Pie

Candy Bar Pie - a fun use of that leftover Halloween candy

Candy Bar Pie – a great way to use up all of that leftover candy.  Mix chopped up candy into your favorite cookie dough and bake into a pie!

Candy Bar Pie - a fun use of that leftover Halloween candy

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween!  My son had lots of fun trick or treating with a couple of his friends.  The weather wasn’t to bad, it was near 60 during the day.  So walking around was pretty comfortable.  Of course today it is almost 70 out!  My son’s basketball season started last week, so at least he ran around for while yesterday to burn off all of the candy that he ate.  I on the other hand, and just doing my best not to raid his bag!

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No Bake Oreo Cream Squares

No Bake Oreo Cream Squares - layers of cookies, pudding, cream cheese, and whipped cream!

No Bake Oreo Cream Squares - quick and easy no bake dessert!

Today is our last day in Wisconsin.  Our flight leaves tomorrow at 5:45 am.  It is going to be an early morning, and a very long day!  We have had a great week here though.  Spending time with family, seeing friends from when we lived in Iowa, and getting to meet a few ladies from a fitness group I have been a part of for over a year.  I am ready to get back home, sleep in my bed, and see my husband though!  Ten more days, and school starts in Colorado too.  Man, did summer just fly by!

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Boston Cream Pie

Boston Cream Pie {Dinners, Dishes and Desserts}

Boston Cream Pie {Dinners, Dishes and Desserts}

What a whirlwind the last few days have been.  Miami was HOT!  It was so much fun to finally meet so many of the bloggers I have followed for a long time.  I will give you a fun recap of my trip on Thursday.  In the meantime, I might just sleep until then.  I had to get up at 3:30 am for my flight to Miami, and from then on it was downhill in the sleep department.   I really do not know how people travel for work all the time, and only sleep a few hours a night.  I just can not function that way.

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Grasshopper Pie #ChristmasWeek & Giveaway

Grasshopper Pie 4

Grasshopper Pie – A light and creamy pie. Chocolate cookie crust, with a creamy mint filling. Great for the holidays.

Grasshopper Pie - A light and creamy pie. Chocolate cookie crust, with a creamy mint filling. Great for the holidays.

Welcome to day #5 of Christmas Week, a multi-blogger event co-hosted by Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic and Jen of Juanita’s Cocina. Today’s theme for Christmas Week is “Christmas Pies and Pastries”.  I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I have.  So many great bloggers, and so many great recipes!  And to top it off today we have an amazing Giveaway for you!

This pie is a Christmas tradition on my husbands side of the family.  It has quickly become the thing I look forward to most with desserts at my in-laws over Christmas.  It is the classic mint and chocolate combination that I love this time of year.  It is also super light, that you always have room for it, even after a large meal.  And a bonus, there is no baking involved!

Grasshopper Pie - A light and creamy pie. Chocolate cookie crust, with a creamy mint filling.

My son enjoys this pie as well.  That wasn’t always the case though.  When he was a little younger we would joke that there was real grasshoppers in there, and that was why it was green.  He played it off like he didn’t believe us, but still wouldn’t touch the pie.  Now his smart 7 year old self knows better, and made sure he had a good sized slice when we had it for our early Christmas this year.

Grasshopper Pie - A light and creamy pie. Chocolate cookie crust, with a creamy mint filling. Great for the holidays.

Make sure you visit all the participating bloggers today to see what special dish they whipped up for you.

Christmas Apple Pie from Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic

Pumpkin Cheesecake Fried Pies from Jen of Juanita’s Cocina

Chocolate Angel Pie from Liz of That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Nutella Swirled Pumpkin Pie from Anuradha of Baker Street

Cheese Danish Pie from Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker

Bakewell Tarts from Isabelle of Crumb

Grasshopper Pie from Erin of Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Cranberry Fritters from Erin of The Spiffy Cookie

Cinnamon Pecan Crescent Rolls from Ramona of Curry and Comfort

Banketstaaf (Dutch Christmas Log) from Heather of Girlichef

Eggnog and Cranberry Christmas Braid from Cathy of The Dutch Baker’s Daughter

Raspberry Galette from Chung-Ah of Damn Delicious

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Biscoff Mousse Cream Pie

Biscoff Mousse Cream Pie 3_

Quick reminder about the giveaway going on – don’t miss your chance to win a gift certificate to a store with fun kitchen stuff!

I can not say enough about this pie.  I think most of you have tried Biscoff Spread, and know how good it is.  Well, turning it into a mousse is just about the best thing you can do with it.  Then you mix it with some chocolate whipped cream, and I am in heaven!

I made this into a full pie, as well as a few individual tarts.  I gave the full pie to some friends, and it got rave reviews.  He tried some right away, but had to get to football practice.  While there he told me he wasn’t having dinner that night, he was just going to eat the pie.  I mean really, it is that good!  I can’t post this recipe fast enough for them!

I had left over crust from when I made these Apple Bars, so that is what I used.  But regular pie crust would be perfect, or even a graham cracker crust would be great.  Oh wait!  A Biscoff cookie crust would make this over the top! Heck, you don’t even need a crust.  Just layer everything in a bowl, and call it good.

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Lemonade Pie

Lemonade Pie - labeled

Lemonade Pie

Before we get to today’s recipe, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the changes that Facebook has made. It is no longer automatic that you see updates in your News Feed.  You now need to go to the site of your favorite blog, business etc, and click “Show In News Feed”.  I know lots of you are fans of my Facebook page, I would really appreciate if you took the 30 seconds to do this.  It has been difficult to follow some of my favorites since this switch, but it is worth the time to now be able to keep up!

Now, this pie!  You have probably seen this pie recipe before.  It has been all over the place for years, and is probably the easiest pie you will ever make.  You can use a store bought crust if you want, and then it is just 3 ingredients.  It is no bake, so it is a great pie to have around at your gatherings this summer.

Lemonade Pie

This pie is perfectly tart, and full of lots of lemon flavor.  My 7 year old wasn’t a fan, but the other 2 kids we served it to ate it up.  You could also top with a dollop of whipped cream to add a little sweetness.  I opted to not add food coloring, but if you wanted the yellow color, just add a few drops of yellow food coloring.

Lemonade Pie

This can be frozen or just served straight from the fridge.  It can be kind of messy if it is not frozen, but it is equally delicious.  You will notice from the pictures, that I don’t have a shot with a picture perfect slice, so you can guess how I served mine :)

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Meyer Lemon Tart

meyer lemon curd tart

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours went way too fast!  We got to see 2 different groups of friends, and had so much fun with both of them.  We went to Costco and Ikea; which always means you spend too much money.  Not the best idea to go to both in the same day!  Now to a week of relaxing and hanging out with my favorite 6 year old, who is on spring break.

It was gorgeous weather here this weekend, spring is definitely in the air.  These tarts are perfect way to welcome spring.  I used the last of my Meyer Lemon Curd to fill them, and they were delicious.  A little dusting of powdered sugar was all they needed.  Plus they are mini individual servings, which are always so much fun!  I cheated and used store bought pie dough, but you could go all out and make your own.  The store bought stuff is just so easy!  I used my creme brulee dishes, and they were the perfect size.  I love that you can make 2 or 8 of these, with very little extra work.  Meyer Lemons were on sale when I went grocery shopping yesterday, I was so tempted to buy another bag!

What are your favorite spring time desserts?

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Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are a great alternative to classic pumpkin pie. Like the filling of pumpkin pie but in cupcake form!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes are a great alternative to classic pumpkin pie. Like the filling of pumpkin pie but in cupcake form!

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
I know I am a little late the party here, but I just have to share these!  It is the last day of November, so what is more fitting than closing out the month with pumpkin?  It will be my last one for a long time, I promise!  I saw these at The Baker Chick awhile ago, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I made them.  Making a pie crust is not high on my list of things I like doing.  They never look as nice as I want them too, they are finicky, and I also haven’t found a store bought one I love.  This recipe involves no crust!!  It is a cupcake that tastes just like the filling of a pumpkin pie.  That happens to be my 6 year olds favorite part.  You often find 1/2 the crust left on his plate, but all the filling gone.  So for the pumpkin portion of our Thanksgiving this is what I made.  Needless to say, they went over very well!

In my family, Pumpkin Pie is also served at Christmas.  File this away until then, or bookmark for next year, or get into the kitchen and make them now just because you want to.  BUT you should make them, they are wonderful little pumpkin treats! I have gone a little over board with the pumpkin posts lately, but that is coming to an end.  Time to get in the Christmas baking spirit!

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Banana Cream Pie with That Skinny Chick Can Bake

Liz Pie 2


We made it to Colorado!  It was so nice to know that the long drive was just one way this time. Unfortunately our stuff did not arrive as planned.  The driver who was going to drive the truck out “is no longer with the company”.  So now, today is the day everything should arrive.  Not sure how much longer I can live without furniture, and almost no kitchen supplies.

Today I am bringing you another great blogger!  Liz from That Skinny Chick Can Bake was one of the first people I met when I started blogging.  She makes the most amazing desserts, but then also is an excellent cook.  I have made numerous recipes of hers, and they are always delicious!

So….I give you Liz

I was delighted when Erin asked me to guest post for her this week.  I met sweet Erin when she was just a fledgling blogger…but she didn’t seem like a newbie to me back then. Her talent was obvious from day one.  So I wanted to make a special dessert to be featured…and one of my hubby’s favorite pies came to mind…banana cream.

I turned to a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for inspiration.  That magazine rarely steers me wrong.  Their vanilla custard is just incredible…in fact, I spent so much time scraping samples from the bottom of the saucepan, that I hardly wanted dinner.  Sliced bananas are sandwich between two layers of the creamy custard, then the pie is topped with a cloud of sweetened whipped cream. Hubby, Bill, took one bite and declared it amazing. I think you will agree.

Erin, I hope you’re getting settled in your new home, and I know we’re all looking forward to the fabulous dishes you will be cooking up in your new kitchen.

Banana Cream Pie…adapted from The Best Recipe

1 baked and cooled pastry shell (I used Martha Stewart’s Páte Brisée)

1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/8 teaspoon salt
5 egg yolks, beaten slightly
2 cups whole milk
1/2 cup cream
1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon cognac
1 teaspoon vanilla

2 bananas, peeled and sliced just before placing over filling.

1 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whisk together sugar, cornstarch and salt in a medium saucepan.  Add yolks and whisk to combine.  Slowly add milk and cream, whisking till combined.  Add vanilla bean and cook over medium heat, whisking constantly till mixture starts to thicken and simmer.  Cook for an additional minute, then remove from heat.  Whisk in butter, cognac and vanilla.  Remove vanilla bean.

Cover top of filling with plastic wrap and allow to cool for about 30 minutes.  When cooled to warm, spread about half the filling into the pie shell.  Top with sliced bananas, and spread the remaining filling over the bananas.  Cover filling with plastic wrap and chill at least 3 hours.

To finish, beat cream with sugar and vanilla till soft peaks form.  Beat slightly longer to almost stiff peaks.  Spread over filling and garnish with banana slices before serving if desired.

Key Lime Pie

Creamy Key Lime Pie from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Key Lime Pie | Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

**Photos have been updated as of April 2014

This weekend while our son was at his Grandparents we got to go out for dinner with friends!  Somewhat of a luxury for us.  So instead of ordering dessert at the restaurant, I made dessert so they could come back to our house and hang out for a little while.  The guys work together, and through the grape vine I heard that it was suggested by one of them that I find a way to make Key Lime Pie so my husband could bring it into work.  So instead of making mini pies, I decided I would just make it for the guys this weekend in the full pie form.  I even spoiled them with homemade whipped cream!  I must admit, this was only because I was out of the squirty kind from a bottle :)  Or as that is known in my house growing up “Squirty Cream”.

Creamy Key Lime Pie from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Key Lime Pie is super easy to make.  You have the Graham Cracker Crust, and then the filling of the pie is 3 ingredients!  You really can’t get much simpler.  Now, I know that there is some debate…to meringue or not to meringue.  Well I have never meringued on a Key Lime Pie, so I didn’t start this time.  The idea does intrigue me though, so maybe sometime I will try it.

Key Lime Pie - creamy, sweet, tart and perfect for spring

I have no idea where this recipe is from.  It is just jotted down on a post it, in my recipe box.  I know I have been making it for at least 7 years, but I don’t know how I got it in the beginning.

Key Lime Pie
Serves: 8
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Sweet, tart, creamy and perfect for spring.
Pie Filling
  • 1 14 oz can Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • ½ cup Key Lime Juice
  • 3 egg yolks
Graham Cracker Crust
  • 1½ cup crushed graham crackers
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ⅓ cup butter, melted
  1. To make the crust: Mix sugar with cracker crumbs. Stir in the melted butter. Pour into pie plate, and press firmly against the sides. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Cool slightly.
  2. To make the filling: Blend everything until smooth. Pour into crust. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Allow to stand for 10 minutes, then refrigerate. To serve, top with whipped cream.