Spicy Popcorn

Popcorn is one of our favorite snacks.  In fact we have a movie theater popcorn machine in our basement.  It doesn’t get used all that often, but we still have it.  So it is kind of surprising that I only have one other popcorn recipe on this blog.  I am partial to just plain butter popcorn, but my husband likes to switch it up.  I think his favorite is cheese flavored, but he also likes just about anything with some heat.

I actually made this popcorn awhile ago.  We needed snacks for a road trip, and I thought popcorn would be fun and different.  I made this in probably 5 minutes, at most.  The spice mixture makes way more than you need.  Store in a plastic container, and you can have this popcorn any night of the week.  Just shake on a bag of microwave popcorn and you are done.

I think flavored popcorn would be fun to have out for a party.  It isn’t expected, which is always great.  Especially if you had fun containers to serve it in :)  I got these at the Target dollar spot, so they aren’t pricey.  You can adjust the heat level, by adding more or less of the seasoning to your popcorn.  Or just set out a shaker with the seasoning, and let your guests make their own bag.

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Rachael Ray’s Cinnamon Popcorn #SundaySupper

Are you obsessed with celebrity chefs?  Do you watch Food Network and The Cooking Channel in your spare time?  Do you have tons of celebrity chef cookbooks?  If you answered yes to any of those, you are in for a treat today!  The #SundaySupper event this week hosted by Tammi from Momma’s Meals at is all about our favorite celebrity chefs.

I had a hard time picking my favorite, I like so many!  But in the end I went with Rachael Ray.  You either love her or hate her, and I am a fan :)  When I first started watching the Food Network, she was who I watched.  I am not sure that she got me interested in cooking, because I always liked cooking, but she definitely made it more important to me.  I remember watching 30 minute meals in my college apartment, probably when I should have been studying.  I really don’t have a favorite recipe by Rachael, so I decided to try a new one this week.

A local popcorn store here sells Cinnamon Popcorn.  I tried it, and I could have sworn it tasted just like Red Hots candy.  It was a little spicy for my 7 year old, but I love it.  Then the next week my Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine came in the mail, and she had a recipe for Red Hot Popcorn.  I was excited to get in the kitchen and try it.  It is super easy to make, and tastes just like the popcorn store.  It is such a festive color too, it would be perfect to put in gift baskets or give to neighbors for the holidays.

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Milky Way Popcorn

Milky Way Popcorn

Have you entered my Giveaway yet?  You don’t want to miss this one.

The Superbowl is right around the corner, and I haven’t given you any appropriate appetizers or treats.  Well that will change now!  The rest of the week is solely devoted to food to eat while watching the Superbowl, or the commercials….I don’t judge.  I love football, probably more than the average girl, but unless my team is playing (which has not happened in my life time), I am all about the social aspect.  Chatting, eating, drinking, and the commercials.

Today I have a sweet treat for you to munch on.  Two Peas & Their Pod have posted a couple of great popcorn treats lately, so I decided to turn it into my own.  Milky Way is my favorite candy bar, so I thought it only appropriate that I use that as my candy of choice.  This was super easy to throw together.  The hardest part was waiting for it to harden.  My 6 year old had some after dinner last night, and he said it was the best popcorn he has had in his ENTIRE life.  To him, that is a big deal, because he has been around a long time, you know!  He does love his popcorn, so I took it as a big compliment.

Trust me, if you make this for your Superbowl party (or just your Saturday afternoon snack), it will disappear quickly!

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