Indian Spiced Quiche

Easter is right around the corner, so it is time for Holiday Recipe Club again!  For this Easter/Passover addition Erin gave us the challenge ingredients of Carrots, Spinach or Eggs.  I really wasn’t sure where to go with this, because none of those ingredients are my favorite.  I almost took the cheating route and made you a cute baked good (all baked goods have eggs, right).  But I didn’t, I put on my big girl pants, and got into the challenge.

When I asked my husband what I should make he said Indian Spiced Quiche.  No real thought, it just came out.  Really?  That isn’t Easter at all.  Is there such a thing?  So I did my research, and found a couple recipes.  Then I changed them, and made my own 😉

I made this for dinner one night, but it would be a great brunch.  We love Indian flavors, it doesn’t really matter when we get to have them.  Indian Spiced Nuts, are a perfect example.  The spices in this dish were not over powering by any stretch.  It was not spicy at all.  Even if you aren’t huge on Indian food, this is mild enough you would enjoy it.  If you feel like kicking up the spices some (like I will next time), go for it!

And yes if you know me (I don’t like eggs), I did eat this for dinner, and the leftovers for lunch the next day.  Shocker, I know!

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