Easy Cheddar Beer Bread

Easy Cheddar Beer Bread – Just 4 ingredients for this super easy beer bread! 

Easy Cheddar Beer Bread - Just 4 ingredients for this super easy beer bread!

I can’t believe that it is October already.  It is time to figure out Halloween costumes.  When we were in Disney last week we actually went to a Halloween event.  I dressed up for the first time since college.  Dressing up has just never been my thing.  But my sister in-law talked me into it, and my son could not have been happier.  He has always wanted me to dress up, so when I finally did it he was so excited.  Now he says I have to wear my costume when I take him trick or treating.  We will see about that…first to find him a real costume, because his one last week was just a super easy, we were traveling costume.

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Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bread

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bread is the perfect gift or treat this holiday season. A quick bread with tons of cinnamon flavor, chocolate chips and topped with a chocolate glaze.

Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bread - a great treat this holiday season. Make as gifts, or keep it for yourself!


Today I am sharing a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Bread over at Your Homebased Mom.  All November long Leigh Ann has been a co-host of Bake Craft Sew. Your Homebased Mom is the site for all kinds of edible gifts,  Mique from  Thirty Handmade Days, is about all things crafting, and Cindy of Skip to My Lou is doing a whole month of sewing ideas. I am only good at the edible gifts, so I am excited to check out some of the craft and sewing ideas.  I am not a very good crafter, but sometimes I am inspired to try!  And the holidays is as good of time as any.

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Chocolate Pumpkin Bread (12 Days of Giveaways)

Chocolate Pumpkin Bread

Today we are kicking off December with a giveaway.  There are a lot of giveaways coming up over the next month, so I hope you like winning free stuff!  A few of my favorite things are going to be involved too.  I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  My parents are visiting, so we have had lots family time and lots of good food.  On Thanksgiving my brother and his wife came up from Denver.  We also had a friend join us.  It was a full house, and we went very non-traditional and had Calzones and homemade cannolis.  It was fun to switch things up this year.

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Whole Grain Banana Bread

Whole Grain Banana Bread

We are all looking for more ways to get whole grains into our diet, right? But with all the hype of low carb diets and such, bread is often the first thing cut. Personally, I can’t do it; so I opt for the whole grain variety. There are so many different varieties of whole grain bread out there these days. Everything from English Muffins to bread to tortillas.

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Fresh Orange Bread

Have you met Jennifer from Not Your Momma’s Cookie?  I started following Jennifer just a few months ago, and have grown into a big fan.  Every post I read, I think “we would be such good friends in real life!!”  Jennifer is ridiculously talented at sugar cookies.  Just look at these Hunger Games Cookies.  She does regular desserts too like Ultimate Reese’s Magic Cooke Bars, and Let it Snow Cupcakes.  Alright, enough from me.

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Pumpkin Biscoff Bread #SundaySupper

It is getting to be that time of year.  The time where we all need gift ideas for neighbors, teachers, caregivers, the mailman etc.  It can be hard to come up with those little gifts each year.  I am a firm believer that, if you put the time and effort into making something, it will be much more appreciated.  So I would much rather bake someone cookies than buy them a gift card.  Today Susan from The Wimpy Vegetarian is hosting the #SundaySupper “Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen” event.

We moved into our house over the summer.  We live on a long cul-de-sac, and I have yet to meet all of our neighbors.  I was thinking of baking mini loaves of bread this year, and delivering them around the block as a way of meeting everyone.  The first time I saw this bread was at Love From The Oven, where she used applesauce and flax meal.   Then I saw Budget Gourmet Mom had a version with Greek Yogurt, and I was sold.

This made 4 mini loaves, or 1 full sized loaf if you don’t feel like sharing.  Pumpkin and Biscoff were pretty much made for each other.  This isn’t the first time I have had the combination, and it won’t be the last.  This bread is tender, and full of the great pumpkin flavor you love.  I printed the recipe, and glued it to a colored piece of paper.  I then used ribbons and a plastic gift bag to package it.  All set for delivery!  If you really liked your neighbors you could get ceramic mini loaf pans.  I have seen them at Michael’s craft store for $1.99.

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Peanut Butter Banana Bread

If your house is anything like mine, you are still knee deep in Halloween candy.  I let my son have one piece of candy in his lunch, and then if he is lucky he can have another piece after dinner.  Needless to say, it lasts a really long time around here.

This bread is perfect for those leftover Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  If you haven’t stashed them away for yourself, that is.  Or maybe that is just me :)  The bread also uses up those browning bananas you have on the counter or stashed in your freezer.  See, I am here to help! And because it is me, and I don’t know when to stop I added a layer of Nutella on top.  Jean made this Nutella Banana Bread, and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

I am not usually a big fan of plain banana bread.  There is just too much banana flavor.  I realize that doesn’t make much sense.  I like bananas, but only every once in awhile.  So when I saw this recipe that added peanut butter to the batter I was exited to give it a try.  There is still a hint of banana in the background, but the peanut butter really shines through.  And then every once in awhile you get a bite with a peanut butter cup, and you are in heaven!

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Apple Pie Bread with Chocolate Chip Streusel

Happy Labor Day!!  I hope you have the day off, and are enjoying it with family and friends.  Today I am part of a new group called Chocolate Party!  Seriously?  Who doesn’t want to be part of that party?  Roxana from Roxana’s Home Baking came up with this idea, and this is the kick off event.

Each month we will be challenged with a different seasonal ingredient, and need to make something with that ingredient and chocolate.  We will share our creations on the first Monday of the month, and there will be a link up where you can share your creations as well.  The perfect seasonal ingredient for September is apples, of course.  I combined apples with chocolate one other time, in these Granola Apple Slices.  They were a great snack, so I knew the combination worked, I just had to figure out how.

I had it in my head that I wanted to make bread.  So I set off to find the perfect apple bread recipe, and then had to incorporate chocolate.  I kind of feel like I cheated by just throwing in chocolate chips.  But I think the streusel on top will make up for anything.  That stuff is insanely good!  I may or may not have picked at more than my share of it.  Don’t mind the caving in on the top, that is what happens when you don’t fully adjust for altitude :(

If you aren’t big on chocolate, what is wrong with you you could substitute walnuts or pecans for the chocolate.  Heck, even if you are a fan of chocolate, you could add nuts and it would be wonderful.  The cinnamon and chocolate and soft apples make for a great combination.  I brought this for the teachers at my son’s school, and it was a huge hit.  They didn’t care that I cut it when it was still warm, and kind of a mess.

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Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Zucchini season is almost coming to an end.  This makes me sad, because I haven’t gotten to try nearly the number of recipes I wanted to.  Because of our move, I didn’t get to have a zucchini plant this year.  So I have only managed to pick up a couple here and there when I can find time to go to a farmers market.  The ones in the grocery store just look sickly, so I am not going to go there.

One recipe that was going to get made was this bread.  I have done zucchini muffins in the past, and my 7 year old loves them.  Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I didn’t make my traditional muffins this year.  I tried this bread instead.  He is a lover of all things chocolate, so I don’t think he minded.

This bread is so easy to throw together.  It is rich, dense, and chocolatey.  It has made for a great after school snack for him.  He especially likes it if I warm it up for him, and the chocolate gets all melty.  You can not taste any zucchini in there, and you can’t really even pick out any green flecks, so you could easily pass this over with the pickiest of eaters (mine is right up there).  If you do have lots of zucchini and aren’t sure what to do with it, it works great to freeze it.  Just grate it up, squeeze out the liquid, and store in 1 or 2 cup portions.  Then you can have fresh zucchini bread all winter long!

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Blueberry Banana Bread

Blueberry Banana Bread

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for school to start.  I really enjoy spending time with my 7 year old, and playing with him during the day.  I will miss him like crazy when school does start again.  But right now, I am so far behind, I just need time to get everything done!  Moving, unpacking, getting the house ready, work, the blog, family….there are just not enough hours in the day.  Today I am taking my 7 year old bowling, and out to lunch with a friend.  Hopefully me being overwhelmed won’t affect his fun memories of summer!

Back when I did the Colorado Wildfires Bake Sale, I quickly found a perk.  Everyone was sending me links and pictures to some of their best recipes.  Some of which I had missed out on the first time around.  So when I found myself with lots of blueberries (I still have lots, so beware), I went straight to this gorgeous bread that was sent to me by Damn Delicious.

This is pretty much a classic banana bread, but with tons of blueberries mixed in.  The blueberries and banana go surprisingly well together, and make for a very moist and flavorful bread.  This recipe should make 4 mini loaves, that you could wrap in foil and freeze for later.  Or give as gifts, if you are feeling really generous.  I made 1 regular sized loaf, and then 6 muffins with the little bit of batter left.  I am sure I could have put it all into 1 large loaf.  As you can tell by the picture, it isn’t over flowing the plan or anything.

My 7 year old loved this bread.  He ate it for breakfast, and requested it for a snack for quite a few days in a row.  He won’t eat blueberries plain, but mix it into bread, muffins, or waffles, and he can’t get enough!

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