Thursday Things


Thursday Things

How are those resolutions coming?  I am doing my best to give you healthy recipes all this month.  But I have to tell you, this girl wants to bake!!  My husband is thankful I haven’t been baking.  We are trying to drop a couple pounds before our big trip to Japan in March.

Speaking of Japan, we took our first Japanese lesson last night.  We are doing it once a week for 7 weeks.  It is one-on-one with someone who is teaching us the basics we will need to get by.  All 3 of us can now say hello, good morning, do you speak English, our name, nice to meet you, where we are from, and our son can tell you his age.  Our goal is to know enough that we can at least be respectful when we don’t understand anything :)

Here are a few recipes I have pinned recently, you should really go check out!!

Chipotle Shrimp Salad Bowls from Cookin’ Canuck – avaocado, shrimp, and corn…these look like so much flavor packed into one good for you salad!
Raw Kale Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette Dressing from Just A Taste – I had a salad out recently that had a warm bacon vinaigrette dressing, and it was amazing!  I can’t wait to try this version!
Marshmallow Reese’s Blonde Brownies by Inside BruCrew Life – I dare you to go look at these, and not want to eat the whole plate!
Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup by Bake Your Day – I love wild rice soup, and I love mushrooms.  This version looks so comforting for these cold winter nights!
Spinach Artichoke Pasta by Pioneer Woman – One of my husbands favorite dips in a pasta dish.  Pretty sure he would love this one!

Have a great Thursday, back tomorrow with a recipe!


  1. Thanks so much for including my Raw Kale Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette! What amazing company to be in!

  2. Resolutions are a funny thing. I’ve been “sort of” keeping up with them (not really LOL). Hope you’re getting excited for your trip!

  3. I’m slacking on my New Year’s resolutions…..but I do love that PW artichoke pasta!!

  4. Thanks for the link love, Erin! I’m already craving that soup again!

  5. Japan sounds amazing! Are you going there just for a vacation? An old co-worker of mine went there with her family 1-2 years ago and absolutely loved it!

  6. I think it is so awesome that you’re making the effort to learn Japanese before visiting. I don’t think enough Americans do this before traveling abroad! Also, I love the new site design! (And baking more than health food anyway.)

  7. I am SO jealous that you are going tonjapan! So cool that you are taking Japanese lesson. Good for you guys!

  8. Ooooh going to Japan?! That is great!! Lucky you!
    What’s great about speaking English is that wherever you go, people will understand you. I’ve traveled a lot and I’m always really glad that I speak English. :)


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