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Thursday Things


Today I want to learn more about you!!  So many of you comment each day, or send me questions, but I don’t know much about you.   In order to share things you want to know about, I thought this 2 minute survey would be fun!  Please take 2 minutes (or less) to fill it out.

Thursday Things

Thank you!


See that was easy, wasn’t it :)  Be back tomorrow with another recipe.


  1. Took the survey. Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up tomorrow!

  2. I live in the Springs and have the hardest time with baking here since previously I lived at sea level. I love when you post anything to do with baking since I figure it’ll work for me!

  3. I took the survey. I had no idea yo shared five recipes a week! I should really pick up the pace. haha! I’m going to sign up via email so I don’t miss anything anymore.

  4. I’m not too picky about what you post, it’s all interesting whether it’s something I use or not. I might be able to adapt or learn something new from everything! I’m retired, more or less, so cooking is more “what can I do that’s interesting” than “quick get it on the table before the monsters eat everything” now! After 34 years of feeding a family I’m not at the gourmet stage, just fast, easy, good-tasting and healthy for us. I am looking for more ways to cut processed foods out now.

  5. I liked your survey and I should steel that idea for my blog, but then again maybe not since I do my blog for me and I might feel obligated to do it for someone else LOL! I think you do a fabulous job Erin and I do love the straight forward approach you do since I can really relate to that.

    • Suzanne – I loved the idea of knowing more about my readers and why they are here. Not sure how much it will change what I do (to be honest the responses reflect what I do already), but it is at least nice to get a better understanding of who is coming, and what they are coming for,


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