Thursday Things


Thursday Things

Are you getting ready for the weekend?  My weekend starts this evening.  My parents are flying in, and will be here tonight.  Tomorrow afternoon we are headed up to the mountains to spend the weekend up there.  My brother and his wife are meeting us up there as well, and this is going to be our Christmas celebration.  We will also get to go snowshoeing and hopefully some sledding, if the weather cooperates.  Should be a relaxing, and great weekend.

1.  I shared these Asian Peanut Noodles with Shrimp over at Food Fanatic the other day.  They are seriously one of our favorite dinners.  My 8 year old threw a fit that I made him try it the first time, but not he requests them often!

Asian Peanut Noodles

2.  Great ready for Sunday, I have a great post coming for you.  A group of bloggers got together and are bringing you Cocktail Day!!  I am pretty sure there is a great giveaway involved as well.

3.  What is your favorite workout lately?  I am on week 6 of Focus T25, and I am loving it.  I got a Polar Fit 4 watch for Christmas, and I love wearing it to see how many calories I burn during a workout.  Follow along on Instagram, I tend to share more on this topic over there.  Love me some Shaun T in the morning :)

4.  We are in the middle of planning a trip to San Diego.  Do you have any recommendations?  Places we need to eat, stuff we need to see.

5.  Are you getting together with friends for the Super Bowl?  Do you need/want some snack ideas?  I am working on one right now, wondering if you guys would like more ideas.

6.  Are you on Pinterest?  I have been pinning up a storm lately.  I have found some great new blogs, and am going crazy.  Come follow along.

I am back tomorrow with a new Slow Cooker recipe for you!


  1. Go to the zoo. I love San Diego’s zoo. I also want to give that shrimp dish a try. It looks amazing.

  2. Go to Pt Loma. Low tide is best. Tide pools and caves.

  3. The zoo is awesome!!

  4. Definitely hit the zoo. Steer clear of SeaWorld, we weren’t impressed at all.

    Places to eat:
    Hob Nob Hill and get the cinnamon roll!

    Princess Pub

    Burger Lounge (some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had)


    Richard Walker’s Pancake House

  5. Point Loma Seafoods:
    Eat outside on the concrete steps facing the water. There is a very lively sea lion (I call him Seymour) who never fails to show up and put on quite a show. I highly recommend the fried squid sandwich.

    Saffron Chicken/ Saffron Noodles and Sate:
    Very very reasonable Thai dishes that are FANTASTIC. I love the Thai grilled chicken with Cambodian salad, pad thai, and salad rolls. It is run by Su-Mei Yu who has written several great cookbooks. And the best part: peruse the menu ahead and when you are headed back to your hotel you can phone in a to-go order that they will bring to your car! (the street is notoriously bad for parking at peak times)

    I graduated from UC San Diego and lived there for 12 years. You will LOVE it!


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