Thursday Things


Thursday Things

I talked about this yesterday, but I am seriously so ready for winter to be over.  I was out running errands yesterday, and it was a whopping 7 degrees.  Shoveling snow yesterday morning it was -12.  As I am typing this, there is a news report about how shivering burns calories.  So maybe I should rethink wanting spring to arrive early thing.  No, nevermind; I think I would rather workout than be cold.

1.  I shared this Hamburger Pie over at Food Fanantic this week.  Go check it out.  Super quick, easy, and great dinner for the whole family.

Hamburger Pie

2.  During cold months I pretty much crave comfort food all of the time.  Which isn’t always great when you are trying to lose weight.  But I want this Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan Soup from Foxes Love Lemons tonight for dinner.

3.  I wish I had these Sorel Boots for running errands in this cold and snowy weather.  So cute, and I think they would keep my toes warm.

4.  Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Do you do anything special?  I have a couple fun recipes for you next week, but that is about it for us.  We usually stay in, and don’t do much.  I already got a present for my 8 year old, can’t decide something little I could get my husband.

5.  Who is going to see the new LEGO movie this weekend?  I have an 8 year old who thinks it will be the best movie ever.

6.  I realize the Super Bowl is over, but that does not stop me from wanting these Tater Tot Nachos Supreme from Girl Cooks World.  Pure comfort food, and they look like heaven!

7.  Time to go figure out Valentine’s cards for my sons 3rd grade class.  Do I got with store bought, or so I go crazy and find something on Pinterest?


  1. Thanks for the shout out to my Chicken Parm Soup, I appreciate it. BTW, I have that pair of Sorel boots (or something very similar), and I LOVE THEM. They make many appearances on my Instagram account because they are so comfy, warm and cute! I highly recommend them :)

    • Anytime Lori! That soup look fabulous! I need those boots; should have thought of it a couple months ago so I could have added to my Christmas list :)

  2. 7 degrees! That’s not good in my book :)

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