Thursday Things


I took the week off from Thursday Things last week, because of Breast Cancer Awareness.  In case you missed it, lots of bloggers bought all things pink and healthy to share everyday to help spread the word.  We ended with a great giveaway on Friday (check it out).

This week we are back.  Question for any fellow bloggers out there.  What do you do for a recipe index?  Is there a plug in you use, or anything?  I want to update mine, but am not sure where to go?

Are you ready for Halloween?  It is right around the corner.  I have some fun treats for you next week.  Tomorrow I might have something for all of you chocolate lovers out there, so don’t miss it. It might even involve you winning lots and lots chocolate for yourself!

I am meeting friends in Denver this weekend for a girls weekend!  So excited, wish I had this to hear.
Source:  Here

Check out this chicken!  I can not wait to make it.  What a great idea!

Source: Gimme Some Oven

These are just too cute!  I love this idea, and wish I was planning my sons Halloween Party at school!

Source: Buttercream Blondie

Back tomorrow with another recipe!


  1. These cupcakes are beyond cute!

  2. great outfit– i need to buy myself a jean jacket :)

  3. I am getting ideas for Christmas gifts for a certain beautiful, talented, smart lady!!

  4. That is a very cute outfit! It’s almost getting “cool” enough here to pull out my fall clothes. I’ve thought about a recipe index for a while, but it feels so overwhelming that I always change my mind!

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