Thursday Things


Thursday Things

The weekend is almost here, and I am super excited. We have friends coming this weekend! I am a little nervous though. They have 5 kids. I have 1. Coming up with meals for 10 people is a lot different than coming up with meals for 3.  I think I have a plan, but who knows what is going to happen.  The kids all get along really well, so it should be a loud, but fun weekend!

1.  Today is my husband’s birthday!  He requested a cookie cake for his birthday dessert.  I also made plain ol’ rice krispie treats for him to take into work today.  I was hoping he would ask for these Peanut Butter Lover’s version, but he is a purist.

2.  I am loving the seasonal weather that has returned to Colorado this week.  The feet of snow have melted, and it is back into the upper 40’s and and 50’s.  I went for a walk the other morning with a friend, and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

3.  We made these Barbeque Ribs last weekend as an early celebration for my husbands birthday.  You can not go wrong with tender ribs coated in a sticky, smokey barbeque sauce.

4.  Have you entered to win your very own Blendtec Blender yet?  I mean, this is seriously the most amazing thing in my kitchen!  Check out the recipe for White Chocolate Almond Butter, at the bottom of the post is the entry form.

5.  I have extra buttermilk from a recipe I just made.  I think I need to make these Double Chocolate Buttermilk Muffins from Jen’s Favorite Cookies!


6.  We have a trial of HBO right now.  It includes HBO Go.  What do we need to watch?  We watched the first episode of Game of Thrones.  Tell me what else we need to add to our list!


  1. I assure you, you DO need to make those muffins! And I’m with you, peanut butter rice krispies treats are the best! Thanks for the mention!

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