Thursday Things


So did you have a good Halloween?  My son sure did.  Here is a picture of him all ready for Trick or Treating as Harry Potter.

So after the let down of the sugar high, it is time to get on with real life again. I am ready for the weekend though!  Saturday is the playoffs for my son’s flag football team.  If they win their first 2 games, they are in the Super Bowl.  Very exciting, and so much better than his team last year.

I want these meatballs from Lisa at  Authentic Suburban Gourmet to make an appearance soon.

Oh my, I can’t wait for it to get cold enough to make this!  Over the top, Cookies n’ Cream Hot Chocolate

Source: Sweet Treats & More

Not much else is going on around here this week.  I will be back tomorrow with a great Italian recipe!



  1. Love the costume and the hot cocoa! I would say that is find I will be checking out on a more personal level as soon as we get power back.

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