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Less than 2 weeks to Christmas.  Are you ready?  I think I am getting close.  A few more cookies to bake, just a couple more presents to get, but lots of wrapping to do!

Today I am going to help you if you have any last minute gifts to buy for the foodies in your life.  (Clicking on the picture will take you to where you can purchase the item.)

Every baker needs a good mixer.  I couldn’t live without my Kitchen Aid

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Cookie Scoops make baking cookies much easier.  Uniform size means they all bake for the same amount of time.

OXO Cookie Scoop

These are my favorite cookie sheets.  They bake very evenly, and are very heavy duty.

Baking Sheets

I don’t have this blade, but it is on my wishlist this year!

Beater Blade

These Sipping Stones are so cool.  They keep your drink cold without watering it down as ice cubes melt.

Sipping Stones

This book is on my wishlist this year.  I have heard nothing but great things from so many people about it.

Edible Mosaic

This necklace is adorable, and just perfect for the baker in your life.

Cupcake Tin Necklace

This set is so much fun for the little helpers in the kitchen.  We had this, and my son loved to slice and cook right along side of me.

Play Food

This pasta roller makes quick work of fresh pasta.  It is so easy, and so much better than the stuff from a box.

Pasta Roller

These Milk Bottle Measuring Cups from Anthropologie are just so much fun to have in the kitchen.

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups

Finally, these measuring spoons are just adorable.  They are Christmas themed, but any baker would love them year round.

Gingerbread Measuring Spoons

Hopefully this gave you a few good last minute ideas for the people on your list.  I have a great Christmas treat for you tomorrow!





  1. Great ideas, I’ve been hearing such good things about the beater blade!

  2. Ah, I’m not ready at all!! I’m behind on cooking, baking, shopping…pretty much everything except decorating, haha. These are some great gift ideas though–thanks for sharing! x

  3. I am almost ready for Christmas but it is getting crazy in the streets here.
    I love that milk bottle measuring cup set – so inventive and something you would be happy to keep on the bench.

  4. they’re adorable– i want them all! edible mosaics is on its way to me– can’t wait!

  5. I really want a pasta roller, but I worry if it would just sit and collect dust. I say to myself “I would make more pasta if I have one.” But do I make pasta now?

  6. Oooo, I want one of everything. Those measuring spoons are adorable!

  7. I want everything!! But I really need baking sheets, my look like they have been through the ringer. Milk Bottle Measuring Cups are adorable!! I want to go shopping for me!! lol

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