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Thursday Things


It is 2013!  Welcome to the new year.   Did you make any resolutions this year?  If it is to eat healthier, I am here to help.  I have some great recipes coming up over the next couple of weeks.  Any other resolutions I can help with?

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.  We had a nice quiet Christmas with just our family.  Then a couple days later my brother moved to Denver!  My parents were here visiting for a week as well.  So we got lots of time with family, and celebrated Christmas with them too. They leave this morning to head back to Wisconsin.  I get a few days to spend with my 7 year old before he goes back to school.

I am super excited because I got a blender for Christmas!  Get ready for some smoothie recipes :)  I made a tasty one this morning.  I even got a new Kitchen Aid mixer.  My other one sounded like it was on its last leg, so I am thrilled to have a newer and bigger one!

Did you get any fun Christmas presents?  Any great plans for 2013?

Stay tuned tomorrow for a healthy Indian appetizer or light dinner.


  1. I love kitchen related gifts! I have new bread pans in my cabinets now that I’m excited to try out :)

  2. Yay for a blender! Can’t wait to see what smoothie recipes you whip up! :)


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