Tieks Review


Tieks Shoe Review

I am here on a Sunday to bring you a little fashion.  I am a girl, and this post is about shoes, so it does make sense. Don’t worry, I will be back tomorrow with more food!

Have you heard of Tieks by Gavrieli yet?  They were featured on Oprah, in Fashion magazines,  as well as lots of other places, and seem to be all the rage when it comes to ballet flats lately.  I feel like I am a little late to the party.  But better late, then never, right?

Tieks Review

Tieks are made with some of the finest Italian leather, and are designed to fold down to fit in your purse.  Great for working women who want to switch from heels to flats for the walk home.  Each pair comes with two fold-able little bags, so you can carry your heels or your Tieks around.  The bottom of each shoe is divided into two signature blue non-skid rubber sole supports.  I love that they are non-skid, because I have known to be clumsy before.

Tieks Review

Tieks come in tons of different color options.  Pastels, patters, neon, and even metallics.  As you can see I went with one of the snack skin patterns (Snake Azure).  How fun are they?  They work great with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses; just about everything.  Perfect to dress up a casual outfit, or use an accessory with your dressier outfits.

Tieks Review

I wore my Tieks when I was in Miami a couple weeks ago.  I got tons of compliments on them.  They were perfect to wear walking around during the day, and still went with the skirts that I changed into for evening.  My husband always complains when we travel that I pack too many shoes, so if I can have something that goes with everything, and works for day and night, I am calling it a win!




  1. I’ve heard of TIeks and am interested in trying them. Were they really comfortable? I have a hard time with flats having the scrunched back because it digs into my heels … did you experience that at all with Tieks??

    • They do need time to break in before they are comfortable. The did rub a little in the back, but I put a clear band-aid back there and I was good to go! I would advise if you are close, to go with the next size up. Example – Most times you wear a 7, but sometimes you need a 7 1/2, go with an 8. They do not come in half sizes. FYI – from friends, I have heard (not experienced, because I have only one pair) that the solid colors are slightly softer than the patterns.

      • Mrs. Robinson says:

        The mattes are definitely stretchier than the patterns/patents, and you can get away with a smaller size in those. I wear 12 in the Tieks mattes and 13 in the patterns/patents. I wear the mattes for casual knocking about, as you can see toe impressions through the leather on those, and the patterns/patents everywhere else; they are more dressed-up and also hide the toesies better.

  2. I have had these on my wish list FOREVER.. Love the fun pattern you picked too!

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