Guide to MedallionClass Cruising with Princess

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Guide to MedallionClass Cruising with Princess – Everything you need to know to have the best cruise experience using your Ocean Medallion

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A couple months ago I had the chance to go on a Caribbean Cruise with Princess Cruises.  It was so nice to get away and enjoy some warm and sunshine when it was cold back home.  We sailed on the Caribbean Princess, which is a newly released MedallionClass cruise.  

Today I am here to give you all the ins and outs for what you need to know if you are going on a MedallionClass cruise and why you want to make sure you book one soon!  A Caribbean Cruise is always a good time, but the new OceanMedallion makes it even more amazing! 

Caribbean Princess MedallionClass Ship


What do know Before you Cruise

Once you book your cruise, you can immediately start booking your excursions, making dinner reservations, booking spa treatments and getting ready for your cruise.  About 4 weeks before your cruise departs you want to download the OceanReady app on your phone or tablet.  Here you can put in all of your information to help making embarkation super fast. You also put in your shipping information and your wearable OceanMedallion will be sent to your door!  

You want to make sure you do this at least 12 days before you leave on your trip, so the Medallion has plenty of time to get to you!  Also, don’t forget to bring it when you leave home.  Once you get to the port you can use your Medallion to make getting on the ship happen in just minutes.  And once you get to your stateroom the portal next to your door will recognize your Medallion and unlock automatically for you.  

There are all sorts of apps that you can download before you get on the ship as well.  They will make cruising easy and more fun!  Just sign in with your Princess account and you will be ready to use them as soon as you get on board.

Ocean Medallion options

What is the Ocean Medallion

The Medallion is about the size of a quarter that you can wear around the ship. It gives you access to your stateroom, pays for any experiences or things you order while on board, and even let’s you play games around the ship. It comes with a lanyard that is complimentary, but you can purchase something more “fashionable” when you are on board.  They have sports bands, gold and silver bracelets, necklaces, and even clips that you can wear. 


This was the app that I used most while on the ship.  It allows you to order food and drinks right to your chair, your stateroom, or where ever else you are on the ship.  Based on your location, it will come up with the menu for the food and drinks that are available near you.  You can order a bottle of champagne to be delivered to your stateroom, or bottles of water by the pool.  Whatever you are hungry or thirsty for, they will deliver it right to you. 

Ocean Medallion App ordering drinks


This is app is pretty much all you need for entertainment.  It was a huge array of exclusive entertainment made just for Princess.  There are shows about the ports you will be visiting and places all over the world.  It is such a fun way to learn more about the places you are visiting. You can start watching some of the content before you get on the ship, and then continue right where you left off once you are in your room. 

Ocean® Casino

Getting to spend time in the casino is something lots of people look forward to while cruising.  This app makes it even easier!  There are some games available in the app itself, or you can play at the portals that you find around the ship. Your Medallion will allow you to long in to the portals, so you can play anywhere.  

display board on a ship


You can play games on the big screen by the pool with this app.  Lots of different games that the whole family will enjoy.  The games are definitely geared towards the kids, but the parents are going to love them as well.  You can customize your own “Tagalong” or avatar that comes up on the portals all around the ship. 


This app is full of all the information you need to get around the ship.  Here you can find a map of the ship so that you never get lost.  It knows where you are, so you can set a destination and it will give you the turn by turn instructions to get where you want to go. 

This app also let’s you connect with other shipmates.  Whether you are traveling with family and friends or make new friends on the ship.  You can connect on this app and use it to find each other and chat back and forth. For privacy you can turn off the ability for people to locate you. And if you have minors in your group, only those in their stateroom will be able to connect with them. 

A group of people sitting at a pool

Other Helpful Tips


This is not an app, but it is where you can find all the details you need for cruising. It has the “Princess Patter” which tells you what is going on around the ship at any time. You can see where live music is happening, when trivia will be help, where he art auction is, or what the next poolside movie will be. 

The restaurant menus are found here as well, so you can plan where your next meal is!  You can also find your stateroom balance here. 


We can’t talk about MedallionClass cruising without talking about the internet.  It is seriously the fast internet at sea, and will rival pretty much any internet you have at home. You can stream movies, Facetime with your family and even get a little work done while you are on the ship. 

If you have ever been on a cruise before, you know that the internet can be painfully slow and hard to deal with.  Just checking your email can take forever.  Not anymore!  You can share on social media and keep up with whatever is going back home with no headache!  Princess just announced that they have 6 more ships they are rolling out with MedallionClass in 2020!  

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