Eggnog Coffee Cake

My first step into anything with eggnog happened last year.  I first made these Eggnog muffins, that were a big hit all around.  I have made them again this year, and they are currently in my freezer.  The other thing I tried last year was a coffee cake.  It was another huge hit.  But, I didn’t make it until January, so it was way past eggnog posting season :)

My 7 year old remembered both the coffee cake and the muffins, and requested them as soon as he saw eggnog in the store.  So this year, I am posting in prime eggnog season!  My son loves this so much, he is already requesting that we make it again.  I am thinking of trying to freeze some of it this time; anyone know if that will work?  Very similar texture to quick breads and muffins, so I can’t see it being a problem.

This is full of nutmeg and eggnog flavor.  It would be a perfect breakfast to have waiting for you on Christmas morning.  You could bake it up the night before, and just reheat in the oven for a few minutes to have a fresh and warm breakfast.  Even if you are not an eggnog drinker (none of us here are), trust me, you will LOVE this coffee cake!

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Eggnog Muffins

Eggnog Muffins – Eggnog adds tons of flavor to these tender muffins.  Super quick and easy, and they freeze really well!

Eggnog Muffins - Eggnog adds tons of flavor to these tender muffins.  Super quick and easy, and they freeze really well!

Eggnog Muffin pictures were update as of 12/10/14

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Eggnog Muffins - all the flavors of eggnog in a super tender muffin

If you follow me on Facebook you may recall that I have never tried Eggnog.  The stuff scares me!  I don’t like milk, I don’t like eggs, it is super thick….scary!  But there are so many amazing sounding recipes that use eggnog, that I was forced to buy a carton of the stuff.  I had to start small though, and go with something I like.  Muffins.  Saturday morning I broke out the eggnog and went to work!  The muffins were great.  You can taste the nutmeg for sure.  As for much more eggnog flavor, I don’t know, I still haven’t tasted it.  I tricked my 6 year old into trying it, and he was NOT a fan.  He loved the muffins though!  I believe his quote was “good thing the muffins are way better than THAT!”

Eggnog Muffins - quick and easy muffins that freeze really well!

This would be terrific for your Holiday Brunch, Christmas Eve breakfast, or just to snack on. The original recipe had a struesel on top, which I am sure would be wonderful.  I was trying to cut a few calories (I know, shame!), so I just left it off.  Note: My high altitude adjustments are in parenthesis.

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