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What to Pack for Alaska Cruise

What to Pack for Alaska Cruise – going on a cruise is hard enough to pack for, but what do you need when you are going to Alaska?  Here is everything you need!

This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

I have been on quite a few cruises over the years.  The first one was to the Caribbean on our honeymoon. Beach vacations are hard enough to pack for, but knowing what to pack for a cruise can be even harder!  You are doing to a nice dining room every night for dinner, and need to look nice, plus day activities, relaxing and comfortable clothes. It can be overwhelming!

Plus knowing what to pack for excursions and sea days and everything else.  Sometimes you just need a good list of what to pack and why.  So here you go!  This will get you ready for your Alaska cruise and you will not have to be stressed out that you have everything.

A snow covered mountain



  • We went to Alaska in May. So it was early in the season and still quite chilly at some of the ports. So jeans, sweaters, and layers were a must. A long sleeved t-shirt, with a sweater was warm for enough for every day.
  • I didn’t want to pack a giant puffy jacket, so a fleece as well as a rain jacket was great for a layering.
  • Hat and gloves were great to have for spending time on deck during a misty chilly day sailing through Glacier Bay.
  • Be prepared for sunny and warm weather. A short sleeved shirt or two is perfect for a warm day. Icy Strait Point and Juneau were in the 70’s and sunny when we were there!
  • Wool socks were great to keep my feet warm and dry, especially while hiking on Mendenhall Glacier and exploring the towns.

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  • Shoes are a must when traveling, but you don’t want a whole suitcase full of shoes.  So figuring out how to do double duty and minimize the pairs you bring is a must.
  • Tennis Shoes or something sturdy you can walk in.  You will do lots of walking around the towns you stop at, during your excursions as well as exploring the ship. So something sturdy and comfortable you can wear is perfect.
  • Dress shoes – I picked 2 pairs of nice shoes that would go with all of my dinner wear.  A nice pair of heals and then a pair of wedges that I could wear during the day if the weather was nice as well. I probably could have gotten away with 1 pair, but a girl has to have options, right?
  • Flip flops – I wanted something comfortable to wear around the ship and in my room.  If you are heading to the pool or hot tub, you want sandals or something to wear around.
  • I did NOT bring boots, and I would not have worn them if I had them. The weather was warm enough, even in May, they would have been over kill.
  • Pro travel tip – wear your biggest pair of shoes on the plane with you. That way it will take up less space in your suitcase.

A tree in the middle of a forest

Dinner Attire

  • Men need to bring a suit jacket. There are usually 2 formal nights on a 7 night cruise. So guys can wear the same jacket both nights. Switch up the tie (or not) and no one will ever know!
  • Sun dresses and other summer dresses are not really fitting for an Alaska cruise. Skirts with nice shirts, dresses, or even pants and a nice shirt are perfect for this cruise. The main dining room is more formal, but unless it is actually “formal night” you are fine wearing pants and smart casual type clothing to dinner. Stay away from shorts, flip flops, and super casual attire.
  • Men could easily wear khakis and a polo shirt to dinner every night, aside from formal night, and fit right in.
  • Double up your clothes! I brought 2 dresses, 1 skirt and 1 pair of pants. Then I just changed the tops for the skirt and pants to have enough outfits for each night.

A snow covered mountain


  • A power strip is great for your stateroom. There is one main outlet in the room, so if you have a lot of devices to plug in, a power strip makes life much easier!
  • Camera. Alaska is stunning and you will want to capture it.  Everything from wildlife to glaciers to mountains, you want to be sure to have a camera accessible.
  • Sunscreen/Sunglasses – Alaska is a rain forest, but there are plenty of sunny days as well.  You want to come prepared, so you can enjoy it all!
  • Backpack – a backpack or fanny pack was great to carry on excursions. You could bring warmer layers, your camera, money etc. and store it all in one easy place.  Plus if you purchase any souvenirs, you have a place to store them!

A large body of water with a mountain in the background

So if you are planning a trip to Alaska or are going on an Alaska cruise, this will help you know what to pack for Alaska cruise. You can go prepared and know you will be set or the best trip!

scenes from alaska - mountain and crab legs

** This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own





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Jennifer Fishkind

Monday 30th of July 2018

Such great tips!!


Friday 27th of July 2018

Love the tip about wearing the biggest pair of shoes on the plane! Genius!


Friday 29th of June 2018

I was so glad I brought a power strip on this cruise! In fact, I have a power strip dedicated to traveling and just keep it in my suitcase all the time now :)

Patricia @ Grab a Plate

Tuesday 26th of June 2018

Good tips, and gorgeous pix! I'm surprised you didn't take (and wouldn't need) a pair of boots -- but that's always fine by me :) What a wonderful trip!

Cathy @ Lemon Tree Dwelling

Tuesday 26th of June 2018

I seriously hope I get on an Alaskan cruise looks amazing!

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