Ghost Pretzels


Today is the last day of the Bake Sale over at Country Cleaver.  Please go check out all the goodies for sale.  My Peanut Butter Bars are there!  I know you want me to send them to you :)

The week of Halloween is here!  These are a fun quick treat for the kids, or the adults (my husband may have eaten his fair share).  If you are helping out with a Halloween party at school, these would be something really easy the kids could do.  I used an edible marker to make the eyes, but you could use one of those tubes of decorative icing, or even just melted chocolate.

I was running low on the chocolate, so I did a few “mummies” as well.  I had a few googly candy eyes by Wilton left, so this was a fun way to use them up.  When browsing for idea on Pinterest, I had seen ghost and mummie pretzels done using pretzel rods.  I thought these looked more “realistic”, but use what you have or what you like!

Yields 12

Chocolate covered pretzels in fun ghosts shapes for Halloween

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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  • Almond Bark (or white chocolate, or candy melts)
  • Pretzels
  • Edible Marker, or decorative icing, or melted chocolate


  1. Melt almond bar. Lay pretzels out on a lined baking sheet. Using a spoon, spread almond bark inside each pretzel. Allow to full set. Then draw on the eyes and mouth.


Ghost Pretzels - a fun little snack for Halloween



  1. These are so cute. I am not creative at all to come up with these ideas and when I see them on Pinterest, etc. I am so impressed. I am sure once I have kids I will need to get over my fears.

  2. SO CUTE! Doing this for or school party on Wed.

  3. omg how cute are these Erin!!

  4. This is such a genius idea. I love chocolate covered pretzels, so I know I would gobble these right up. Pinned.

  5. OH MAAAHH GAWSH, so cute! And brilliant!!

  6. Fun idea, my son would love these since he is crazy for pretzels, I can hardly keep any in the the house.

  7. Awesome Idea! I could eat so many especially like that LOL! Happy Halloween!

  8. These are SO cute!

  9. What a cleaver idea for halloween!! Hope you have a fun day with your family!

  10. Oh yum! I love chocolate pretzels :) They are more cute than spooky 😛

  11. Wish I had been at your house for Halloween instead of moving…so cute!


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