Cannelloni with Spinach Pasta


Cannalloni with Spinach Pasta

Today is our last day in San Francisco.  My husband and I were able to get away for the weekend, so we took a trip to San Francisco.  The last time I was here I think I was a teenager.  I loved it than, and have always wanted to come back.  We have had a great time, and I am not ready to leave!  So many great sites, and food, and just relaxing with no responsibility for a few days has been amazing!

Cannalloni with Spinach Pasta

I will be excited to get back home and see my 7 year old though.  And get back in the kitchen.  A 4 day break has been nice, but I am ready to cook again.  Fresh pasta is right up there with things I would like to make too.  Last week I shared a homemade ravioli with you, today a homemade cannelloni.  You could use this pasta recipe to make ravioli, or any shape pasta you want.  It is kind of nice to add a little nutrition to your pasta, and a fun color.

Cannalloni with Spinach Pasta

The pasta is not that much more work than other pastas.  Just an extra step to wilt, and chop the spinach.  Other than that, almost the same as making your traditional pasta.  I rolled it into sheets, then filled it with a sausage and cheese filling.  I chose marinara sauce, because I thought it went well with the sausage.  But you could top with a cream sauce, or a cheese based sauce, it is really up to you.  These are definitely worth the extra work as opposed to buying the dried tubes of pasta as the store.  Great weekend meal the whole family can help with.

Yields 8

Spinach pasta filled with a cheesy sausage mixture, topped with marinara sauce

60 minPrep Time

30 minCook Time

1 hr, 30 Total Time

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  • 6 oz baby spinach, stems removed
  • 2 large eggs
  • 10 oz all-purpose flour
  • Filling
  • 10 oz Italian sausage, browned and crumbled
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 cloves garlic, grated
  • 11/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • 2/3 cup Mozarella cheese
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • Top with marinara sauce


  1. To prepare the spinach pasta: Fill a pot with 1/2 cup water, and bring to a boil. Add spinach, cook until wilted, turning often. Cook for 1 more minute, drain, and place in a bowl of ice water. This will keep the bright green color.
  2. Drain, and squeeze out most of the water. Form it into a compact ball. Slice the ball thinly in one direction. Then turn, and slice in the other direction. Chop finely.
  3. Place chopped spinach in a food processor. Add the eggs, and process until very fine.
  4. Put flour in a large bowl. Shape so there is a well in the center. Add the pureed spinach in the center. Using a fork start incorporating the flour, as you spin the bowl.
  5. Once the pasta starts to form large clumps, start kneading the dough in the bowl. When all the flour has been incorporated, and has formed a ball, transfer to a board and finish kneading it. You can add more water, a teaspoon at a time, if it gets to dry. The dough will be smooth when you are done.
  6. Cover the dough with a damp cloth, and let rest for 30 minutes before shaping.
  7. Meanwhile prepare the filling. Mix all of the filling ingredients together until well blended. Store in fridge until ready to use.
  8. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  9. Divide the dough into 4. Roll the dough just slightly thicker than you would for traditional ravioli or linguini.
  10. Cut the dough into 4 inch squares, you should get 18-20 squares.
  11. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Cook sheets of pasta, in small batches for 2-3 minutes (about half cooked).
  12. Fill each square with 1/4 cup of filling. Roll squares tightly closed, compacting the filling as you go. Arrange in a 13x9 in baking dish.
  13. Cover with marinara sauce. Bake for 30 minutes, until bubbling and hot. Allow to cool slightly before serving.
  14. Top with additional Parmesan cheese if desired


Pasta adapted from Making Artisan Pasta



  1. One of my goals this year in the kitchen is to make homemade pasta. I am going to be using some of your recipes as I learn. This looks great.

  2. Ya gotta love a homemade pasta — there’s nothing like it. And surprisingly I love to make homemade pasta but I’ve never tried spinach pasta before. It’s on my list now!

    xo Jackie

  3. Spinach pasta is my favorite, I love this recipe!

  4. Looks incredible!

  5. YUM! That looks like my dream dish :)

  6. I was in SF this weekend too! The weather was gorgeous on Saturday! Fabulous recipe!!! Love the spinach pasta!

  7. Oh this looks amazing Erin!!

  8. Your cannelloni look great ! I love the spinach / ricotta / tomato association. Merci !

  9. Your cannelloni look great ! I love the spinach / ricotta / tomato association. Merci !

  10. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at spinach pasta – I just love the green color! How fun that you were able to get away to San Francisco! I’ve never been but it’s near the top of my must-see list :)

  11. This recipe looks fabulous! Love the spinach pasta!

  12. I love San Fran! The food is amazing!

    I also love cannelloni and this spinach pasta sounds perfect!

  13. Mmm… Love that it’s spinach! This looks great. :) PS.. San Francisco.. how fun!!

  14. I love canneloni but have never tried making it at home – yours looks SO good. Wish I could have a plate of it right now!

  15. Looks wonderful Erin, and so colorful. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing time, it’s always good to get away and get a new perspective.

  16. I love homemade pasta but have never thought of making cannelloni. It looks and sounds amazing! And being as I’d leave out the spinach, this means no extra work for me. :)

  17. My step dad is Italian so we make all sorts of pasta and cannelloni is one of our faves! I’ve never tried it withl spinach pasta and it looks so flavorful and healthy! Your sauce looks excellent too!!

  18. Hope you had a blast in SF! I was just there on Sunday since we took my Mom out for high tea. I live close but don’t get over as often as I would like. Use to work there and it was alot easier. Your canneloni looks divine!

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