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What a great weekend!  We went to Dinosaur National Monument, which is about 5 1/2 hours from where we live.  It was a lot of driving, but it was lots of fun.  We did a few hikes, went swimming, and got to see tons of dinosaur fossils.  It is a very unique place.  No where else that I know of can you see so many fossils in one place, in their original position.  They have not completely excavated them, so you see them in the side of the rock like they were discovered.

Now that we are back from our mini vacation it is time to think about Easter.  It really snuck up on me, I did not realize it is this coming weekend already!  The Easter Bunny better get his act together.

I made these cupcakes last week, and they are super simple to put together.  It is hardly a recipe.  I just made two of them using the Cupcakes for Two recipe, but you could make your favorite cupcake recipe, or even a box mix!  I really wish I could bring treats into my sons class, because I think the kids would get a kick out of these.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Yields 2

Cupcakes decorated like Easter baskets for the holiday.

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

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  • Cupcakes (Cupcake for Two recipe here)
  • Vanilla Frosting (Recipe here)
  • 1/4 cup shredded coconut
  • 2 drops green food coloring
  • candy for decoration
  • Pull-Apart Twizzlers or pipe cleaner for handle


  1. Frost cupcakes as desired, trying to leave a well in the center. In a small bowl, put 2 drops of food coloring in the bottom. Add coconut, and toss to coat. Spoon green coconut into the center of cupcake. Pile in a couple pieces of candy. Bend the licorice (the handle) into place. Put in the fridge to harden, so the handle stays in one place.





  1. These are too cute! Definitely perfect for Easter =)

  2. Those are adorable! You did a great job. :)

  3. These are so stinkin’ cute! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. These are so cute, Erin – and easy too! I love these as a fun, festive, and I bet delicious, Easter treat. I posted about Bird’s Nest cupcakes today that I think you’d like too!

  5. These are cute! AND anything that comes in mini makes my heart sing!

  6. If these are not the cutest cupcakes!

  7. These are so cute! They do not look hard at all.

  8. Such cute cupcakes! Your trip to Dinosaur National Monument makes me envious. :)

  9. I went to the Dinosaur National Monument when I was a kid and loved it. I bet you guys had a great time! Cute cupcakes.

  10. Omg, these are adorable Erin! Such a cute and creative idea! My girls would go nuts for these!!

  11. What a adorable idea!!! Cute photos, Erin!!!

  12. Wow! these cupcakes look so sweet & lovely! Well done! :)

  13. the dinosaur monument sounds really neat! these cupcakes look delicious and totally fun! can I have a cupcake at the monument? :)

  14. Easter really did come quickly this year! I’m happy because normally that means warmer weather is in sight! These cupcakes are so stinkin adorable! I love the twizzler handles, that’s a nice added touch! They look fantastic!

  15. These are so cute! Love them!! Please consider sharing your lovely recipes on BeBetsy.com Our community would love to see them. Happy Easter!

  16. What a great time! That sounds like you guys had a blast! :-)

    These cupcakes are just too cute for words!

  17. Adorable Cupcakes! I know Easter came up fast this year, but since it’s just Hubby & I, it will just be another day.

  18. Adorabe! :) Love the creative use of candy for the handle!

  19. Oh my goodness!!! SOOO cute! My niece would just love these. Now I have to figure out how to get her close enough to enjoy them with me. Multiple State Auntdom is difficult.

  20. These are so adorable!! I’m hungry for baskets now!

  21. My son is going to want to move to CO… with all that dinosaur fun! These cupcakes are absolutely perfect for Easter. :)

  22. These are so cute and fun!

  23. These are adorable, Erin! I agree; these would be a great classroom treat.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend :-)

  24. Erin, those are gorgeous! Love the green “grass” and the egg decorations.

  25. What adorable cupcakes, Erin! These would definitely be a hit as a classroom treat or for Easter brunch :)

  26. These are precious, Erin…I’m sure your little ones went crazy for them!

  27. Crazy to think that those big creatures roamed the earth, this country so long ago. Perfect follow up from your son’s dino lessons. Cute cupcakes. Happy Easter!

  28. So darn cute. The whole family would approve of these :)

  29. These are just perfect, Erin! A sweet Easter treat!

  30. How cute! These are so fun and look delicious too!

  31. These are adorable! I was thinking of doing these birds’ nests in cookie form also. I’m having a hard time deciding what kind of Easter goodie to make. I think I might just end up making more than one…

  32. Too sweet:-) I should make these for Easter, I love all the decorations and they look tasty;-)

  33. These are so adorable, Erin!! So fun for the kiddos (and adults!)!

  34. Awww these are so incredibly cute and innovative!

  35. so cute, my kids would love these even my 16 year old :)

  36. These are actually a little over cute – do you mind if I link this up in my easter post please? I love them 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  37. These baskets look so adorable! My daughter would love these. Beautiful!!!

  38. So cute!!!

  39. Sounds like a wonderful weekend :) And these cupcakes are the cutest things ever!

  40. I want to see dinosaur fossils… (Im actually pouting a bit). 😉

    How cute are these little cupcakes. Great job! I sooo don’t have the skill to make anything like these.


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