Avocado Hummus


Avocados!!!  You know I love them, and can’t get enough.  Well today, I put them in hummus, and it is incredible.  And, just so you know, I can’t stand beans.  That is just how good this is!  I am sharing the recipe today over at Eat. Drink. Love.  Stephanie is in the middle of moving from Florida to Arizona, so she kind of has her hands full right now.  I can completely relate, so I am excited to share this recipe over at Stephanie’s today.  Go get it, and tell her I said Hi while you are there!


  1. I love anything with avocados! Sounds great

  2. OH MY FACE. i need this.

  3. I love avocado hummus, this looks perfect!

  4. Thank you so much for posting for me today, Erin! The hummus looks simply amazing! I think I would eat the whole bowl!

  5. I love hummus, this looks amazing!

  6. I went over and checked it out! Looks amazing!

  7. Love how you are not afraid to try something different and new, looks delish!!

  8. I have to try this recipe, wow;-)

  9. avocado hummus- yes please!

  10. I love this idea…. simply brilliant. :) Just came over from Steph’s blog. :)

  11. I love this. You are a genius! I bet this would be great in a wrap.

  12. I’ve never thought to put hummus and avocados together but sounds so good!

  13. Erin, I had to check out your recipe… avocados… yes! Will hop over to Eat. Drink. Love. right after this.

  14. I need to go to the store and buy some avocados! Just put some chickpeas to soak to make regular hummus, now I need avocados!

  15. Loving this spin on hummus! Avocados are always a winner. Pinning now!

  16. Thanks for linking to this on facebook, Erin! I would have missed it. I love anything and everything to do with avocados and hummus. Have NEVER combined the two. Must try. :) Can’t wait to go grab the recipe.



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