Healthy Stovetop Mac and Cheese


Healthy Mac and Cheese

My son didn’t have school on Monday, so my week is completely thrown off.  I can not believe that today is Wednesday.  I am starting to freak out, knowing that Easter is only 5 days away, and I have nothing ready.  Aside from knowing we are having ham for dinner.  My in-laws arrive tomorrow, so I really better get my butt in gear.  Meals to plan for the rest of the weekend, Easter basket to stock, house to clean, and shopping to get done.  Going to be a busy day!

Healthy Mac and Cheese

A quick and easy dinner is going to be on the menu today.  This healthy mac and cheese is perfect.  In the time it takes to boil the pasta, you are ready to eat.  It is made creamy with Greek yogurt, so their is added protein to bump up the health factor.  I used whole wheat pasta as well, so it really is pretty minimal on the guilt for a mac and cheese dinner.  I added a little bacon to this, because I had a few slices that needed to get used up.  But you can really add whatever you want to this.  Peas, broccoli, sausage, chicken, or just leave it plain.  No matter what you do the, the whole family will be very happy with dinner.

Healthy Mac and Cheese

I am one of the resident Easy Dinner fanatics over at Food Fanatic.  This quick and easy mac and cheese is the latest I am sharing over there.  If you missed any of the other recipes, you can check them all out here.  There is even a fun giveaway going on from the Creamy Spring Gnocchi recipe I shared last week at Food Fanatic.

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  1. Mmm this recipe looks awesome!!

  2. Mac and cheese is one of my favorite ways to use up leftover veggies and meats. Love that you made the sauce with Greek yogurt.

  3. I’ve been craving mac and cheese for weeks! Gah, I need to just make some and get it over with!

  4. OH good heavens, this sounds SO GOOD!

  5. NOW this is comfort food! And not to mention that is healthier and stove top! Love this!

  6. This is ingenious. I live alone and work out. This is so easily adaptable for me to have a most delicious dinner and a little something for lunch the following day without too much fuss and muss.

  7. Healthy mac and cheese.. :) sounds even better than just mac and cheese.

  8. Yum! My mom used to make boxed mac n cheese with yogurt. The tang is a good contrast to the heaviness of cheese

  9. I love this. I bet the kids will too. and easy

  10. This looks incredible! I love that you made it healthier (my waistline thanks you). I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family!

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