Blackberry Lime Punch

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Blackberry Lime Punch – use those fresh blackberries to make a super easy and refreshing punch!  Great for parties or just to have in the fridge. 

I love experimenting with different drinks.  They can be something tropical that I had on vacation like a Mai Tai, or it can be something I had in a restaurant, or just something that sounds like it would be tasty together.  

Today we are using fresh blackberries because they are starting to be in stores again. They are sweet and delicious, but there are not nearly enough blackberry recipes out there!  

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Blackberry Lime Punch front and center topped with mint and fresh berries


This blackberry punch is very simple to make. It starts off by making a simple syrup. But not just any simple syrup, it is a blackberry simple syrup.  That gives the drink all the flavor and that gorgeous pink color.  

Some areas of the country have something called dewberries instead of blackberries.  They are not technically the exact same thing, but very similar.  So if dewberries is what you have, then this berry punch is the perfect use for them.  

Blackberry Mint Lime Punch with pitcher of punch in background

How To Make Flavored Simple Syrup

A simple syrup is usually equal parts water and sugar that are cooked together until it becomes thick and syrupy.  Adding fruit changes the ratio a little bit, but it is still super simple to make! 

  • Add water and sugar to a sauce pan and mix them together.
  • Next add your fruit or whatever you want to flavor the syrup with.  Here we are using blackberries, but you could use vanilla beans, rosemary or other herbs and lots of different fruits. 
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce the heat and cook for about 10 minutes.  You want to stir frequently and cook until the liquid is thick enough to coat the back of your spoon.  
  • Next up mash the berries. They will be nice and soft now, so you can use a fork or a potato masher to break them up.  This will really make sure you get the berry flavor all through the syrup.  
  • I like to remove it from the heat and let it cool before straining it.  You want to make sure you just end up with a pink syrup, not all the berry seeds in there.  
  • Once it is strained store it in the fridge to get it nice and cold.  It can sit there for about a week if you want to make it ahead of time.

black berry lime punch from top, close up

After you have your blackberry syrup nice and chilled it is time to make your punch.  You can do this by the glass or make a full pitcher if you are serving it right away.  Just like with any fizzy drink, you won’t want to add the fizzy part until right before serving or your drink will go flat.  

What you use for the fizzy part of this berry punch is completely up to you.  If you can find a blackberry sparkling water that will really compliment the flavor.  There is lime involved, so a lime sparkling water or a lemon/lime soda would work great.  Or you can just go with straight club soda if that is what you have.  It really is up to you!  

Blackberry punch horizontal picture

This berry punch is a non-alcoholic version, so the kids and adults can enjoy!  But it would be delicious with a little vodka mixed in if you wanted to spike it for the grown ups.  There are plenty of drinks you can enjoy during the summer, some of my favorites often enjoy fruit!


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Blackberry Lime Punch - use those fresh blackberries to make a super easy and refreshing punch!  Great for parties or just to have in the fridge. 


I am sharing this recipe today over at Imperial Sugar.  Click on Blackberry Lime Punch to get the full recipe.


**I have an ongoing relationship with Imperial Sugar for recipe development.  I was compensated for my time to create this recipe.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. This sounds positively refreshing! The addition of the lime has my mouth calling for a taste. Right now!