Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

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Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies – creamy homemade pistachio ice cream sandwiched between soft buttery, sugar cookies, and rolled in chopped pistachios.

pistachio cookies with pistachio ice cream stacked on a plate


Ice cream and summer go hand in hand. They always have. The only other thing that might be required in summer is popsicles. Strawberry Greek Yogurt popsicles have extra protein, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about eating them.

Obviously, I am talking desserts here. Thinking like Burger Recipes are required in the summer as well. But as far as summer desserts, homemade ice cream is way up there.

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Homemade Pistachio Ice Cream - great for eating a bowl of, or sandwiching between cookies!

My husband has 2 kinds of ice cream he likes. Well maybe more, but homemade pistachio ice cream is his all time favorite. He also likes anything with fresh strawberries in it. Like this Strawberry Milkshake Pie. So I decided to take his favorite ice cream, put it with a cookie, and make it into an ice cream sandwich cookie.

I struggled deciding what kind of cookie to make with these sandwich cookies. At first I thought a perfect chocolate chip cookie might go. Because pistachios and chocolate go well together. But then I thought I wanted something more subtle, so the ice cream could really stand out. So I decided on a simple buttery sugar cookie. Almost like a shortbread cookie.

pistachio cookies with pistachio ice cream on a plate

These cookies were the perfect compliment to make the ice cream be the star. I rolled the pistachio ice cream sandwich cookies in more chopped pistachios, so you would have no doubt what you are biting into, just by looking at it.

When you make pistachio ice cream at home, it isn’t green like when you buy it from the store. If you wanted it to be green, you could add food coloring. But naturally it is just off white in color. Which is why I added the nuts on the side of the cookie!

A close up of pistachio cookies with pistachio ice cream

I am sharing this recipe today over at Imperial Sugar. Click on Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies to get the full recipe.

**I have an ongoing relationship with Imperial Sugar for recipe development. I was compensated for my time to create this recipe. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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