Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

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Toasted White Chocolate Mocha – Skip the line and the trip to the coffee shop and make your favorite mocha at home in a few simple steps!  

Do you make the trip to the coffee shop each day to pick up your favorite drink?  That can add up each day!  No only the cost but also the time it takes.  You can make them so much cheaper and faster at home. With ingredients you probably already have on hand too! 

I love making copycat recipes like this Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade. There is just something about them that is so satisfying to replicate at home.  So this white chocolate mocha is next up in the coffee shop menu.  

Click HERE to get the recipe.

A cup of coffee on a table, with Dinner and White chocolate


A Toasted White Chocolate Mocha is  a staple on the Starbucks menu. The toasted white chocolate gives it such a different and delicious flavor.  It is almost a caramelized nutty flavor.  So much better than just plain white chocolate!  

Toasting white chocolate is actually pretty easy.  You really just place white chocolate on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees.  It takes about 45-50 minutes, with gently stirring it every 10 minutes.  So it is a process, but it is still super easy!  

A cup of coffee on a table, with Chocolate and White chocolate

The white chocolate may start to clump and look strange while you are toasting it, but don’t worry this is normal!  You just want to gently stir the chocolate, so all of the sides get nice and toast.  Once the chocolate starts to slightly change color you know you are done.  Just remove from the oven and let cool.  I like to make about 8 ounces of white chocolate at a time.  Then I just store it in an air tight container. 

How to Make a White Chocolate Mocha

A mocha starts with strong black coffee and lots of milk and just a little bit of cream to make it nice and thick. The white chocolate gets melted in with the milk and then everything is all mixed together.  I like to add a little sugar to sweeten, and you can adjust that level for your taste.  

A cup of coffee on a table, with White chocolate and Milk

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A cup of coffee on a table, with Dinner and White chocolate


I am sharing this recipe over at Imperial Sugar today.  Click on Toasted White Chocolate Mocha to get the full recipe.


**I have an ongoing relationship with Imperial Sugar for recipe development. I was compensated for my time to create this recipe.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. White chocolate and mocha are two of my most favorite things ad I’m betting I’ll just love this! Definitely making this ASAP