Santa Mix


I am going to go ahead and nominate myself for Mom of the Year after dealing with these.  They are super cute, and fun, and they taste good, but they are some work.  Word of warning, if you are going to send them to school, make sure homemade snacks are allowed!  In Iowa there was never a problem with making snacks or treats to send in.  Well, in Colorado that is different!

My son’s first grade class was asked to send in something small to give the class for Christmas.  They are teaching about giving and thinking of others on Christmas.  A great lesson, especially for young kids.  I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration with my 6 year old by my side, and we spotted this snack mix.  Perfect!  We also made, make your on play-doh kits.  You can see instructions for those at Homemade Tip Junkie.

I sent all 22 of these pretty little packages to school to get passed out.  A couple days later though, the phone rings.  It is my son’s teacher calling.  Immediately my heart drops, what happened, what did he do?!  I have never gotten a call from a teacher before, I panicked!   His poor teacher had spent 2 days trying to figure out a way for the district to allow these treats to be sent home with the kids.  But the district has a policy of nothing homemade, and there was nothing she could do about it.  She felt so bad, she knew how hard I worked on them, and she knew the kids would love them.  At least the play doh kits were allowed!

So now, I have 22 bags of snack mix (plus the extra) sitting on my counter.  My husband has taken to going through the bags to pick out the Santa hats to eat, and leaving the rest.


Santa Mix
Adapted from Cookies and Cups

Red Melting Disks
Mini Marshmallows
White Sprinkles

Melt disks (reserve a handful for later) in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds.  Once melted start dipping the Bugels.  Place on a lined baking tray to harden.

Melt the remaining disks.  Dip the tip of the Bugel into the chocolate, and then push a marshmallow into place.  Let sit for about 5 minutes.  Dip the other end into the chocolate and then roll into sprinkles.  Allow to harden completely, about an hour.

Add to your snack mix!

Mix-in Ideas
Corn Chex
Rice Chex
Golden Grahams



  1. These look great. It is sad that there are places where homemade is not allowed. I guess on one hand I do understand the reason behind the poilicy but it is also sad that we are in an age where policies like that need to exist. Anyway, nice job and a big Merry Christmas to you!
    BTW – I have a Christmas giveaway going on now on my site – feel free to check it out and enter – Christmas Giveaway

  2. Beth Tubbs says:

    Oh no! I’m sad for you that they don’t allow homemade treats. As a mom of a kid with food allergies and a slacker in the kitchen, I love that rule, but I can understand how disappointing it must be for you. Guess you will just have to send all your delicious treats to friends who aren’t as skilled :-)

    • Yeah, my kitchen seems to be lacking Buckeye’s this year :(
      I get the policy, and am completely fine with it. Just wish I would have done my research before I made them!

  3. Very Cute idea!! My mom still makes us snack mix to this day.

  4. These are incredible! I wish you lived closer, I would have taken them off your hands!

  5. You sure do deserve mother of the year! I cannot believe you dipped all those bugles to make Santa hats!! What a good mom!

  6. This is so awesome!! And I am swooning over the Santa hats! What an awesome mama you are!!

  7. Super cute, but I am way too lazy to make them…so could you just mail them to me instead?

  8. I love Bugels but haven’t had them in ages. This is so fun and so versatile!

  9. These are adorable! You have a lot more patience then I do! And I remember the days when homemade goods were welcomed in school, now everything has to be store bought :(

  10. Oh.. how terrible they were not allowed after all you went through and I bet the kids would have loved them too. Those hats are too cute. Tell hubby to make sure he gets a plaque for Christmas about being Mommy of the year…it’s time it was official. :)

  11. The hats turned out great!

  12. I totally dig those mini santa hats! Absolutely cute! Our district has the same policy, BUT if everyone in class signs this form saying it’s okay to serve homemade stuff, then it’s allowed. Saves me a lot of headache!

  13. This is the cutest thing ever!!! LOVE! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  14. Oh, that stinks! These are such a fabulous treat…and so much better than something store bought. I had to giggle at your hubby eating the hats out of the bags…sounds like something that would happen here :) Merry Christmas, my friend…and, yes, you are mom of the year!!!

  15. This reminds me of a nice lady that gave us homemade popcorn balls for halloween. My mom snatched it out of my hand and said-I told you nothing homemade! That lady did spend some time on those but had no clue about my mom’s reaction.
    Somehow things have gone from Leave it to Beaver children to SWAT team protected property.
    I like the hats and kudos to your dedication of time and effort to make them as part of a snack mix for kids! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. This mix is so cute, Erin! Love the santa hats!

  17. Oh no! The mix is super cute. It is too bad they couldn’t be share. Allergies are so bad right now schools have to be extra careful. My husband would be so happy though to get back some of snack I send off for others.

  18. That mix is adorable. Thank goodness we are still allowed homemade treats. The teacher’s post allergy alerts prior to the parties, so us room parents can accomodate.

  19. You are so cute – how nice of you to make such adorable little gift bags for the kids. What a big bummer they couldn’t be shared, but at least your husband is enjoying them. :) I can’t remember the last time I had bugels…so good, but I bet even better with some chocolate. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. Those do look great! It’s sad that they can no longer allowed homemade snacks to be taken home – I understand with allergies rampant, but it’s sad that it’s also a security concern! These look delicious!

  21. My father-in-law’s sister makes something similar (and tasty!) but without the hats. Cute idea! :)


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