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snack mix in a red bowl


I am going to go ahead and nominate myself for Mom of the Year after dealing with these.  They are super cute, and fun, and they taste good, but they are some work.  Word of warning, if you are going to send them to school, make sure homemade snacks are allowed!  In Iowa there was never a problem with making snacks or treats to send in.  Well, in Colorado that is different!

Santa Hats - bugles dipped in red chocolate with marshmallow tip on baking sheet

My son’s first grade class was asked to send in something small to give the class for Christmas.  They are teaching about giving and thinking of others on Christmas.  A great lesson, especially for young kids.  I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration with my 6 year old by my side, and we spotted this snack mix.  Perfect!  We also made, make your on play-doh kits.  You can see instructions for those at Homemade Tip Junkie.

snack bags with green riboon

I sent all 22 of these pretty little packages to school to get passed out.  A couple days later though, the phone rings.  It is my son’s teacher calling.  Immediately my heart drops, what happened, what did he do?!  I have never gotten a call from a teacher before, I panicked!   His poor teacher had spent 2 days trying to figure out a way for the district to allow these treats to be sent home with the kids.  But the district has a policy of nothing homemade, and there was nothing she could do about it.  She felt so bad, she knew how hard I worked on them, and she knew the kids would love them.  At least the play doh kits were allowed!

So now, I have 22 bags of snack mix (plus the extra) sitting on my counter.  My husband has taken to going through the bags to pick out the Santa hats to eat, and leaving the rest.


Santa Mixsanta mix in a bowl
Adapted from Cookies and Cups

Red Melting Disks
Mini Marshmallows
White Sprinkles

Melt disks (reserve a handful for later) in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds.  Once melted start dipping the Bugels.  Place on a lined baking tray to harden.

Melt the remaining disks.  Dip the tip of the Bugel into the chocolate, and then push a marshmallow into place.  Let sit for about 5 minutes.  Dip the other end into the chocolate and then roll into sprinkles.  Allow to harden completely, about an hour.

Add to your snack mix!

Mix-in Ideas
Corn Chex
Rice Chex
Golden Grahams


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