Pomegranate Bellini


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  There is always something magical about kids on Christmas.  I had a wonderful weekend with my family.  We went to see a movie, went up in the mountains to take my in-laws snowshoeing, and went to a couple local breweries for tastings.  My husband and I even got to go to dinner just us!  We tried this really great Greek restaurant, that I can’t wait to go back to.  My in-laws leave today, so it is back to normal at least for another week.  My parents come next weekend!

It is Holiday Recipe Club again.  For this round, Erin over at The Big Fat Baker assigned the challenge as wines, white chocolate or marscapone.  I picked wine!  Traditionally we have Bellini’s for holidays in my family.  We like to change up the fruit, but my favorite is Pomegranate.  Pear is also really good!  It is super simple to make, and can be made with any fruit that you like.  Basically, you make a simple syrup out of your fruit, and then add Sparkling Wine.

My Champagne glasses didn’t get unpacked, so my pictures aren’t super pretty.  It separates more and looks  pretty in a tall Champagne flute, but it tastes the same no matter what :)  This would be very festive and perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.  You could even sprinkle in a few pomegranate seeds if you had them.  You can freeze any leftover syrup.  I have frozen it in ice cube trays before, as well as in a large container, both work very well.


Pomegranate Bellini

1 cup POM juice
1 cup Sugar
1 Bottle Sparkling Wine (Spumante, Prosecco, any sweet variety)

Combine POM and Sugar in a small sauce pan.  Bring to a low boil.  Reduce heat and simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.  Cool.

Pour about 1 Tbls POM syrup into the bottom of a glass, top with sparkling wine.


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  1. Erin, wonderful bellini! Loved the way you made these. The picture looks beautiful as well!

  2. This bellini sounds delicious! I could definitely use one of these right about now (and it’s only 6:30 in the morning!) Glad you and your family had a great holiday =)

  3. This sounds so perfect, I love pomegranates. Great for NYE too. Happy New Year, Erin!

  4. YUM YUM! I am loving this. Looks really great! I love pomegranates in drinks :-)

  5. I would totally love to drink this now, is it too early?

  6. I do have some fresh pomegrantes left in my fridge and this looks like it would take care of that quite deliciously. Cheers!

  7. Ohhhh!!! I love love love this!!!

  8. These are stunning!! I am a bellini LOVER. Definitely need to make these for the end of the year countdown

  9. SO beautiful!! I think I’ve found a new favorite bellini!

    My linky tool isn’t working on my blog…and I haven’t heard back from Erin. I’ve tried two of them but one doesn’t work and the other says it’s not closed. If you have any suggestions, let me know :) Thanks!

  10. I just picked up a fresh pomegranate today. :) This drink must taste amazing. :) Well done. Have a wonderful New Years Eve and a very Happy New Year! ~ Ramona

  11. These sound yummy and are so festive!

  12. Glad you guys had a great Christmas! I love bellinis so I would love to try this one!

  13. Love bellini and your pomegranate version is just divine:)Happy New Year!

  14. I love a bellini, and the pomegranate color is stunning! Very festive!

  15. Mmm, I love bellinis! This looks so festive–perfect for a NYE party. :)

  16. Oh yum! What a prefect drink for New Years! I love that you used pomegranate!

  17. I was just looking for a cocktail recipe that could double as dessert! Perfect!

  18. How yummy! Cant wait to try these!

  19. Oh I love a bellini! I just made one myself!! Happy New Year!

  20. YUM! Delicious, refreshing and elegant! Happy New Year!

  21. David and Trisha says:



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  2. […] In case haven’t noticed yet, I have a thing for pomegranate juice (pomegranate mimosas, pomegranate bellinis, pomegranate prosecco) in a cocktail.  Why not use it for a margarita […]

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