How To Make A Charcuterie Board

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How To Make A Charcuterie Board – the perfect way to have a quick and easy snack board for all day grazing or entertaining! Create a board full of your favorite meats, cheeses, nuts, dried fruit and more.

If you are on Instagram or Facebook I am sure you have seen many of your friends post epic pictures of their fancy meat and cheese boards when they are having get togethers. They are a great way to entertain, because you can add a little bit of everything, so there is something for everyone. Plus everyone wants to snap a pic and share because they look so pretty!

How to make a meat and cheese board for an easy snack or appetizer

What is a Charcuterie Board

It is a board that usually consists of cured meats, a variety of cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and sometimes fruit spreads, mustards or even dips. It is basically a meat and cheese board on steroids! You can make your own, or you can even find pre-made ones at the grocery store these days. And have you ever wondered how to pronounce charcuterie? Don’t worry, you are not alone, it is a very common question. It’s pronounced “shahr-kyu-tuh-ree”

Proscuitto and grape tomatoes on a meat and cheese board

What Should Be On a Charcuterie Board

That really is up to you! I have seen fun dessert ones, or fruit in the shape of rainbows for St. Patrick’s Day. It really is up to what you enjoy. But traditionally these are what you will find.

  • Meats – pepperoni, salami, prosciutto and other cured meats
  • Cheese – sliced cheese, goat cheese, brie or other favorites. You want cheese that will pair well with the meats and other things on your board.
  • Olives/Peppers – the salty olives always go well. You can do marinated olives from the salad bar, a jar of green or black olives or even spicy peppers go over well.
  • Nuts – I like to have pistachios, cashews, almonds, or walnuts on the board. They are classic and everyone enjoys them.
  • Dried Fruit – dried mango, apricots or even craisins are go to items.
  • Fruit/Veggies – You will sometimes find cucumbers, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, grapes and berries on boards. It depends on the season and how much space you have.
  • Spreads – mustards, jams and even dips go well with the meat, cheese, and crackers
  • Crackers/Chips – Pairing meat with crackers is traditional, and it is a great way to layer everything together.
  • Sweet – I always like to throw on something sweet. It can be candy, yogurt covered raisins, chocolates or just about anything else you enjoy.

Promo Taglio products for snack board

Preparing a Charcuterie Board

Whether you are throwing a get together or just have your family home and and need a snack; a meat and cheese board is the perfect thing to break out. You can assemble it and have it in the fridge ready for when everyone is hungry. It is perfect for weekend grazing or even a fun dinner for the whole family.

The first thing to think about when deciding what to put on your board is the meat and cheese. They really are the center piece. Primo Taglio® products exclusively from Safeway are my go-to when I am picking out the meat and cheese. Primo Taglio stands for “first cut” in Italian and means that every slice tastes as fresh and delicious as the first. Primo Taglio is a premium quality line of meats and cheeses made with the finest ingredients.

Goat cheese, crackers, nuts, hummus on snack board

Their products are all very high quality at a reasonable price. Plus they are versatile. If all of the Italian Salami doesn’t get eaten on the board, I can add it to homemade pizza, use as a topping for salad, or even add to a sandwich for lunch. Primo Taglio products are made with the finest ingredients, using traditional, time-honored preparation methods, and no artificial flavors or colors, or MSG (** With the exception of some classics like American cheese and certain value meats). Many of the Primo Taglio meats use whole muscle meat with no binders or fillers. And the cheese uses the highest quality milk and old world recipes, which can be naturally aged up to 2 years.

Once you have picked out your favorite meat and cheese you think about the colors and flavors that go well with everything. Bright red berries make the colors on the board more vibrant. Your favorite hummus or dip that you enjoy snacking on is a great addition. Just start picking out your favorites! I like to have some of the staples in my fridge and pantry at all times, so I can just restock the meat and cheese when I am at the grocery store and can throw together a board any night I don’t feel like cooking, or if friends show up unexpectedly, or if the family just wants a snack!

Italian dry salami, raspberries, pistachios on snack board

What do I use for a Charcuterie Board

A wood cutting board is a very common surface for piling up your board, but you really can use whatever you have. A big cookie sheet or even a serving platter works. You just want a large flat surface that you can arrange the food on. What you use really doesn’t matter, it is more about the food you put on it!

goat cheese, cucumbers, chocolate on snack board

The next time you need an easy appetizer or a fun dinner when you don’t feel like cooking a charcuterie board can be your go to! You can definitely mix up what is on the board so you can leave it out for afternoon grazing this summer!

I shopped at Safeway for everything on my board, but you can also find Primo Taglio products at the Albertsons Companies family of stores, including Albertsons, Safeway, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Randalls, Shaw’s Supermarket, Star Market, Tom Thumb and Vons.

How To Make A Charcuterie Board - the perfect way to have a quick and easy snack board for all day grazing or entertaining!  Create a board full of your favorite meats, cheeses, nuts, dried fruit and more. 

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  2. What a good looking charcuterie board! Saving this for my next gathering, indeed! Looks too good to pass up!