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White Chocolate Butterscotch Blondies

What a beautiful weekend it was here.  Sunny and in the 50’s, can’t ask for anything better in January.  On Saturday we went to Denver to look at appliances.  I think we found what we would like to put in our house.  We also took our 6 year old, football obsessed son to see Mile High Stadium.  We went on a tour and got to see the whole thing.  He was in heaven.  I was surprised to see how much of a business tickets, and suites, and the clubs are for the teams.  I just never realized how much money is involved in a game!

Unfortunately, these yummy bars were gone, so we didn’t have them to come home too.  I had Butterscotch chips to use, so I thought I would use my go to Blondie base, and change it up with different chips.  I had no idea how much my husband liked Butterscotch.  You would think after 10 1/2 years a good wife would know these things; but I didn’t.  I knew if he got a dipped cone at DQ it would be Butterscotch, but that was it.  This was one of the few desserts he could not stay away from.  I am super excited to have this new flavor to explore!



  1. White chocolate butterscotch – what a fantastic combination of deliciousness! A fabulous treat
    Mary x

  2. Mmm adding butterscotch to a blondie sounds great.

  3. I’m not surprised that your husband couldn’t keep away from these, they sound delicious!!

  4. Oh, yum. These flavors sound like blondie perfection!

  5. What a fun treat, love these flavors:-) I am not a chocolate lover, so I love this bar sooooo much:-) Have a beautiful week, Hugs, Terra

  6. These are packed with my two favorite chips!! just give me a big ole scoop of ice cream!!

  7. This looks absolutely delish Erin! I love white chocolate chips in anything, but they seem to go perfectly in this recipe. Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having a good one =]

  8. Mmmm, I love butterscotch, and with white chocolate this should be beyond delicious and melt in your mouth :) Great recipe!

  9. I recently got to go on a tour of the Jaguars stadium on a field trip for one of my classes at school. Most of it was the kitchens and food prep areas that we toured, and it totally blew my mind how many people it takes to pull it all together and how much food is served. That didn’t even touch all the private vendors in the stadium. The owner’s box was unbelievable! There are definitely people who have way more money than I do on this planet!

    • We didn’t get to see the kitchens or anything like that. We got to see a couple of the suites and the clubs. Amazing how much money people spend to sit and watch a football game!

  10. I’ve always thought blondies were underrated. Love the addition of butterscotch!

  11. I love the blondies with white chocolate, semi sweet chocolate and butterscotch chips….but any of the above would be good alone or paired together. These would make my family happy! Thanks for the sweet words of condolence, Erin.

  12. Erin, can I adopt you and you make these for me every day??? Huh huh huh!?

  13. You know how I feel about white chocolate and blondies. I’m all over these!

  14. Must make these ASAP!! They sound fantastic. x

  15. Oh nom nom nom. This looks super good. I am not a football fan. I know right. How weird am I? I also don’t like hockey which is downright un-Canadian!

  16. What a delicious recipe and congratulations on finding your appliances! I got a chuckle that you took your little football fan to see Mile High Stadium!

  17. Yum, I love butterscotch blondies! I will have to try these. Yes, the weather here was very nice on Saturday although Sunday was a bit chilly. There are usually some really nice days in February here.

  18. That’s nice that you had nice weather over the weekend. We had rainy stormy weather here (but I can’t complain as it was pretty much the first week we had rain in months). Your son likes football already! That’s nice… my husband *wish* that our 5 yo son is more into it. 49ers lost big time but no one in the family cared besides my husband! Poor guy. lol. Anyhow…. the blondies look yum! I love white chocolate and I can see this looks yummy!

  19. Oh yum! I’m always discovering new things that my other half loves – it’s the beauty of a lifelong relationship right?! =)

  20. Can you hear my stomach growling, Erin? Wow, those look good!

  21. These look awesome! Love the white chocolate and butterscotch combo. Yum!


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