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Pantry Recipes – whether you are trying to use up what you have in your kitchen or prepping for an emergency here are 40 pantry recipes to get you through!  

With all that is going on lately, I have been getting requests for recipes that use pantry staples.  With fears of the coronavirus and what is going to happen with COVID 19 people are stocking up on food and prepping to be stuck inside. I put together over 40 Pantry Recipes for Emergency Preparedness.  I am including dinner recipes as well as side dishes and a few homemade bread recipes.  There are plenty of no bake desserts and other baking recipes, but I am skipping those in this round up.  

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What Is A Pantry Recipe

There are a lot of definitions around about what people consider a recipe from the pantry.  For this list I am including both room temperature non-perishable ingredients, but also things that you can keep in the freezer.  I am skipping fresh fruit and vegetables (aside from onions and garlic, because those both last forever, and if push comes to shove you could leave them out.)  But if you can freeze it (meat, cheese, or butter) those are included.  I have left out milk, cream, and eggs from these recipes.

What Ingredients Are Included In Emergency Preparedness Planning

  • Non-perishable items that are stored at room temperature.  These include things like pasta, canned tomato products, beans, flour, sugar, rice, dried spices, peanut butter, bread, tortillas, evaporated milk, cream soup etc. 
  • Fresh Foods – these are ones that can last in the fridge for a long time or can even be frozen.  Meat, blocks of cheese, butter, ginger, and bread.
  • Frozen Foods – Frozen vegetables (these are great to have for side dishes as well as using in a recipes)

How to Freeze Ingredients

  • Meats.  I like to buy these in bulk normally, and then divide into 1 pound packages.  I place them in a freezer safe plastic storage bag and then it is easy to take out and thaw when I need it.  
  • Cheese.  Blocks of cheese are very easy to freeze.  You can either cut them into smaller pieces, so you only take out what you need at the time, or freeze in the package directly from the store.  
  • Butter.  All you have to do is place the package of butter in the freezer as is.  Then you can take out a stick of it when you need it.  
  • Ginger.  I always buy a big piece of ginger at the store.  Just peel and then tightly wrap in plastic to store in the freezer.  When you need to use it, it is very easy to grate the amount you need from the frozen form.  
  • Bread.  I like to freeze both hamburger and hot dog buns as well as loaves of bread.  To limit the freezer burn, I take the store bought package and then tie it in a plastic bag.  This keeps it fresher longer.


Pantry Dinner Recipes

Pantry Recipes - whether you are trying to use up what you have in your kitchen or prepping for an emergency here are 32 pantry dinner recipes to get you through!  

Dinner is great, and having frozen and canned vegetables are good too, but that can get boring fast.  So here are a few side dishes and breads that you can make with dinner. 

Pantry Side Dish Recipes

Pantry Recipes - whether you are trying to use up what you have in your kitchen or prepping for an emergency here are a few pantry side dish recipes to get you through!  

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